Date: 27th June 2006 at 12:35pm
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Henry, Wenger, Cole, Vieira, Reyes & now Fabregas. The list of people those slimey twats from the Bernabeua have claimed to be signing or have sign from us grows.

I will take a wild stab in the dark at what happened here and say that candidate, Arturo Baldasano read an article in which Fabregas said, ‘I’m focused on the World Cup, I read something on the Internet, but my agent, Joseba Diaz, knows my thoughts.

‘I do not know anything, if there is to be some serious movement, we will have to wait and see. Now, my only thought is with the national team.’
and decided to cash in.

While Fabregas’ comments are a bit vague, it’s clear that this geezer has seized upon a window of opportunity to take advantage of the situation by claiming he has won his signature.

He also reckons Reyes is on his way too.

‘We’ve been in contact with Cesc and his agent has revealed to us that he wants to come to Madrid,’ Baldasano told the Spanish media.

‘There is nothing better to continue our project to nationalise Real Madrid than by bringing in Cesc, Joaquin and Reyes, with the addition of (Mahamadou) Diarra, who is an extraordinary player.’

I really hope Arsene Wenger lodges an official complaint about Real Madrid as they continuously step over the boundries of professionalism and common decency.


14 Replies to “Why Can’t They Just Sod Off?”

  • I agree with your final statement. I hate Real, and I think they will do anything to get elected, even making rumours that make no sence, or just won’t happen!!!

  • i’m sick of all this sh1t… cesc and reyes are contracted until 2011 and i doubt either would have the balls or lack of respect to say to wenger that they want to leave for real madrid, the team we beat in the CL, less than a yr after signing those contracts… on the other hand, i’d never sell cesc, but a bid that matched what we paid for reyes……..

  • On the basis Wenger is subject to the same claims from Madrid he’s not in a position to do anything.

    They also claim to have signed Ronaldo and Adriano I’m sure respective clubs are a bit *****ed off too.

    FIFA/UEFA etc will never act I guess the key is if the Madrid membership are stupid enough to fall for this posturing.

    Remember Barcelona’s continual tapping of Henry last season, what action was taken and after Cole’s run in clubs are too scared to ***** off key players.

    Unfortunately it is all part of football and we are as quilty as any when it comes to buying “smaller” club players.

  • he means that real are ckaiming to have signed wenger…that has to be the most pungent smell of bull*@# ive had in a while anyway it seems some clubs are so above the law that they play around with other clubs players openly. i think its a shame and arsenals PR should be a little more vocal NO alot more vocal about madrids antics…

  • Well vivb, if you believe that Wenger will be going to Real Madrid you’ll believe anything.

  • It’s pathetic. If this was an English club doing this then FIFA would be jumping all over them

  • Well as you can see the biggest club wants our players which makes it as we have some of the best players in the world.We already got the best player in the world

  • We have seen madrid bid for a pool of the elite players every season…but this season they have crossed their own limits…these speculations and rumors only ruin the atmosphere in the other clubs…some action must be taken against real madrid…just look at madrid, they have all the stars , havent won any silverware for 3 years with players of the class of ronaldo, zidane,raul,carlos,casillas,robinho,becks etc…whos to blame for this?

  • I have a horrible feeling that while Cesc has been away with the national team, stupide assholes likes of Puyol,Xavi Raul, and Sergio Ramos have been cynically trying to persuade the El Maestro to pack up and leave from Madrid and then called to tell their management that he is all up for it prompting the sp*****ds to announce that they ve signed him.

  • Real Madrid do this so very often they want someone they try and pressure them into leaving there club for them … As the king said theyre contracyted until 2011 wenger wouldnt let them go no where even if they wanted to we pay there wages and offer them every chance to be the elite players that they want to be they have both already had big moves in there lifes im sure they just want to setlle down still abit its about time Real sort there selfs out if this was the other way round Arsenal making Rumours about Real players there would be all hell on …

  • When will those greasy spaniards get the chuffin point. They can only dream about Arsenal. These poxy elections R pointless, and if anyone belives them then there more gullible than Gulliver.

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