Date: 2nd March 2007 at 5:40pm
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An offside goal on Sunday, two penalty claims on Wednesday and we are out of two cups!

Yet the responsibility lies with the Arsenal management and it`s playing staff. WHY?

A Ref makes a bad decision and loses a team a game of football, which results in lost revenue, yet they can walk away without any real flack? Is this fair today? Had Arsenal had been given the penalty, we might of scored and gone onto win the game and then a home tie to Man City, more revenue and bonuses etc etc. Yet because Mr 3 Card Poll decided either claim was not a penalty when replays show how clear they were, we lose out and the Ref gets off scott free.

Now I know that they are only human, and mistakes happen, but it just seems in today`s game that more and more is at stake financially and the costs involved to losing out to poor decisions are worse today than when England scored against West Germany in 66.

Is Video replays needed? Do we need the Ref’s to take more responsibility? Should we have games relayed or should the Ref’s interviewed after the games? Should there be a public table of just how good or bad the Ref`s are.

If you worked for a company, how many bad errors would that company let you make before they sacked you? As a Ref you have cost someone the honour of winning something and also cost them money by your mistake.

It is time Referees are held more responsible for their careless actions.


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22 Replies to “Who’s To Blame?”

  • For starters Poll should be made to pass a fitness test, and asked to answer the tricky question WHY this game is called FOOTball and not UPPERBODYball. Then they should fine him heftily for his ineptness, and make him referee a few months in League Two. Repercussions on a fellow colleague would scare the other refs $hitless, and than guess what? THEY will be asking for video technology to be introduced.

  • I don’t agree with video technology.I do agree with microchip technology, easier.I do believe referees should be interviewed after the match.Why don’t they have to give explanations?

  • set up a league table, similar to goal difference with a good call bad call ratio – the bottom 3 only get to ref championship games, the top 3 move up and so on

  • It will never happen. Referee’s feel like they can play god on the football pitch, however you have to lay some blame with the fans for not supporting each other. If all clubs & fans came together to make the FA show some transparency for their decisions then the powers that be would have to listen. I hate the spuds as much as any gooner but nobody can deny they were hard done by over the robbie keane red card on sunday. That decision could have affected our season, had bolton been able to get back in the game & maybe even win it they would have gone above us, all due to Poll. How many bad decisions does one man have to make before action is taken. The mere fact he issued 3 yellow cards to one player at the world cup is sheer incompetence, if a team played an ineligible player in a league or cup match (which did happen this season) then they can be thrown out the competition & they was. However a ref can make a very basic error like that & nothing happens.

  • K_chelski, I agree with you. They should be wearing recording equipment & should have to give an explanation to a player for any serious decision. That way it would stop any accusations of lies or bias. Webb refused to give Adebayor a reason on sunday, he simple told him to go away, which inflamed the situation & caused Ade to lose it. If he had recording equipment on we would all know now for certain what the reason was for Ade’s red card, & the refs & linesman would not be able to get together at the end of the match & put a story together to cover themselves, because it would already be logged. This situation where a ref makes a decision without giving a reason is becoming more & more frequent.

  • I agree AG. After every booking, red card or major incident the reason behind the decision should be logged ‘real time’ whether that be through a microphone or via some form of wireless technology. It stops the obvious carve ups (sunday) and made up excuses (Poll on wednesday). Adebayor is looking at a 6 game ban, Dan Smith got a yellow card for breaking and dislocating Abou Diabys ankle, the system is wrong and i hope Wenger succeeds in his one man mission to kick the FA into the year 2007.

  • Yup AG, and with microchips on the players boots, and on the ball, you can determine wether the ball realy crossed the goal line.if the player was offside or not, if there was intense contact with players, if the player is diving.I don’t know why they refuse to use all of this available technology.

  • k_chelski, because they are lazy. They won’t do anything until Murdoch tells them. The media don’t want it because it takes controversy away from them and they can’t blow up nothing events like Sunday to get more subscription money.

  • How many matches are decided on poor decisions, I wonder if there is a statto who can enlighten us.

  • Take the F.A. to court keep going to the appeals court and produce the evidence for all to see. It is not fair it is not justice it needs taking apart and putting back properly. Refs and Linesmen should be mic’d up the comments available for all to hear. Diving red carded when in the penalty area, players surrounding the ref yellow carded and the ball moved 5 meters forward. This is not brain surgery it must happen otherwise what?s the point of following and watching the game.

  • Club:
    Charged with failing to ensure players refrained from provocative or violent behaviour.

    Violent conduct.

    Violent conduct.
    Reacting aggressively to a referee.
    Failing to leave the field of play when sent off.

    Violent conduct.

    And for those total mugs on Vital Ars*ache, let me enlighten you….

    Adebayor, you remember him… the scumbag thug tantrum throwing wannabe tough guy loser… who had to be dragged (screaming, whining and generally throwin’ ‘ard man shapes at anyone who’d indulge the little lost sparrow) off the pitch by Gary Lewin, who he also had a pop at on the way… has appealed but NOT on grounds of mistaken identity as was suggested by the all day Happy Shopper cider drinking dole boys of Jockey & Co.

    What a distorted view of that final those clowns have.

    To read their guff, you’d think they hadn’t actually sullied the entire day with a punch up. Eboue thumped Bridge as the replays clearly show. Toure is a thug. As the replays clearly show. Adebayor is unfit to be let out unsupervised in public. As the replays clearly show.

    Net result?

    These, are the facts.

    Even Reg has said sorry.

    If you don’t believe me, ask the Football Association.

    Ars*nal fans…. WAKE UP!

  • Wake up…to…the fact that Drogba is just as accountable for such things, but gets away scott free?

  • What about when your thug players attacked George Boateng? Chimbonda slapping Nicky Butt, The 1st ever biting incident in English football, Zakora and Chimbonda trying to attack John Terry? Have you actually watched the Carling cup incident again or have you just regurgatated what the media have fed you? Did you notice the slap by Drogba? i guess not as it wasnt highlighted by a big white circle on SKY. Sp*rs charge sheet this season is worse than Arsenals add that to the fact your S*@t, have lost to your main rivals twice, couldnt beat them at your shoebox stadium, are having a debate on vital Sp*rs about entering the intertoto cup and I would suggest you p!$$ off.

  • weststandvoice, you must be one of the few deluded cheslea idiots on this site.. have a look, it says he was sent off for throwing a punch that did not land, yet your own player Lampard says he didn’t. and whilst on the subject of fatty frank, i saw the replays, and if Adebayor got sent of for agressive behaviour, what was franks then ? a calming influence ? he is just as bad.. but this article isn’t about that situation, i was actually talking about the offisde goal you scored, and then the penalty claims we had against blackburn.. so maybe you got lost along the way of articles sonny , still too intoxicated from sunday are we luv ? celebrated a hollow victory too much did ya ? or were you still crying over the article in the press that morning that Jose won’t be at the bridge come next August ? Weststandvoice go be a moron elsewhere , maybe your school playground for example 🙂

  • i will be blowing bubbles tomorrow night btw, when you get done by the couldn’t hit a barn door hammers, but atleast i know what i am talking about in an article, stupid spud

  • PG, they will probably hit the $hitters again, as soon as they see the ground where it all came apart last year. Their cowardly, spineless mentality will yet again be on display and we won’t hear from them for a few weeks again. Lasagna.

  • The problem with Video replays are that whilst they theoretically might spot what the ref has missed in many cases they can be amiguous unless something is completely clear cut. As a fan of rugby, something seen from one angle can look completely different from another, and again in the NFL, unless the decision is totally wrong (and lets accept fan bias here) the on field officials are not over ruled – indeed the ref is the one who leaves the field of play whilst in rugby its an extra official who uses his ‘human’ opinion regarding video evidence. Maybe microchip technology to ensure whether a ball crosses a line or not, but I think video evidence who create a stop start situation to the ultimate ruination of the great game.

  • I also agree with K-Chelski and AG about refs being interview especially if they are paid professionals. It immediately clears up all this nonsense we see at present. If the ref says ‘this is how I saw it’ then we may differ with his opinion, but he has stated his position at the time of the incident

  • At the moment there is no transparency which needs to be corrected for the benefit of ALL clubs and fans.

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