Date: 14th March 2007 at 2:58pm
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After just recieving news that Arsene Wenger wants to sign a ‘super, super player or two,’ I thought I’d explore the possible targets.

The most obvious is Julio Baptista. I know he is already at Arsenal, but he is only here on loan, so getting him on a permanant deal could be considered a ‘super signing.’ He certainly has what it takes to be a super player in the Premiership, all he is lacking is a lighter touch and confidence!

Robinho is another probable target. Wenger missed out on the silky Brazilian when he moved to Real Madrid in 2005, after a summer of speculation. He isn’t all that different to Alex Hleb, he likes to take players on, has excellent ball retention and he’s always looking to take the ball foward.

Of course, Jens Lehmann could still leave. In that event Wenger will probably look to sign a ‘keeper. Igor Akinfeev has been heavily linked with Arsenal in recent months. He is probably the best ‘keeper of his age in the world. Certainly a Wenger-type player.

Franck Ribery Is a well known long-term target for Arsene Wenger. He has been touted as the next Zidane. Excellent close control, excellent dribbling skills and he is a team player.

They’re just 4 possible targets. There are many, many more so get yourself over onto the forum and give us your opinion.


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  • If Wenger is talking about world class players IMO there can only be 2 who fit the bill for Arsenal…….Buffon and Etoo. Anyone else would be potential world class i.e Robinho, should be an interesting summer!

  • ribery/simao/nasri/klose/trezeguet/zigic/piquionne

    Anyone of thise and i would be a happy bunny

  • Don’t read too much into the headlines…remember Wenger considers Adebayor, Diaby and Walcott world class players or ‘super signings’ as far as potential…everyone is naming off current superstars here. There’s no telling who AW has targeted, that’s what makes it most exciting. AW has a great way of recognizing little-known talent that none of us would have even considered for our fantasy pools.

  • Ah yes…but that being said, I would LOVE to see Ribery on the back of an Arsenal shirt (and not just a custom lettering order through the Arsenal store). AW needs to fill one or two more spots so he says…I’m wondering if Ljumberg is going to create one of those vacancies.

  • SUX2BU, my thoughts as well. I believe that if Freddie does not accept dropping waaaay down the pecking order, he will leave and it will leave place for a wide player – Ribery, Navas, Alves, Robinho are if not, very close to world class. Jens’ heir? Plenty of fine talent out there but only a few world class names. Buffon and Frey come to mind, as well as Boruc (could not resist). But Ribery would be my first choice.

  • I did not mention Baptista as I can’t make up my mind about him. Reyes is 100% not Arsenal so we’ll have to wait for that one to unfold. Nice 11 games left, great opportunity to get some more of the ‘yes’ votes.

  • As much as I don’t trust football rumours…especially originating from American network news sources (FOX Sports), I saw this today:
    “Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will reportedly join Real Madrid this summer, if they agree to sign midfielder Frank Lampard as well.”
    Perhaps if this proves to be truth, Real might have a spare midfielder to offer up…one that doesn’t have a hankering for donuts perhaps. Morinho wants to join Real and build a new side around Lampard…..uh-huh. Although I’d be happy to see them both go, it’s just a rumour.

  • or jesus navas, wonder kid for sure… buffon could be, i think akinfeerv is a better bet, robinho is a very likely

  • Yeah Navas has some personality disorder and his panic attacks, some times he cant even play away from home in spain. Alves would be interesting though. Still, i think people have to understand when Wenger says super, super class he doesnt mean Ronaldinho, Kaka, Buffon or Eto’o – he has a very different idea to almost everyone in football of what super class is so i wouldnt expect Eto’o or Buffon. More likely Babel/Ribery/Robinho or Akinfeev/Boruc/Gordon.

  • SUX2BU, i agree. What Arsene thinks as a super super signing need not be a ‘big name’ like Eto. His definition varies, and I wont be surprised if only 1-2 players join, coz I frankly dont see the need for more. We are almost there as a squad (agree with Arsene when he said we are 95% there). Its going to be a very iinteresting summer – bring on the rumours :).

  • I think Baptista will be a smart signing. I’ve said before that we’ve not seen the best of him, and I really hope that he shows atleast some improvement with his first touch and finishing in the next 10 games. Then atleast the signs will be there that he’s adjusting to the premiership, and we can hope for good things from him next season,

  • Giving Wenger a list of players is like giving John Milton a thesaurus. Wenger will sign two players we’ve never heard of. They will be brilliant.

  • All signs are indicating that Henry would be leaving. First of all, he has been a of Barca even when they are having Ronaldinho & Eto’. Next season, both of them are likely to leave and I am sure they will need Henry more than ever. Secondly, Le Boss may have concern of Henry’s physiology. He is increasingly injury prone and his pace has lost a yard or two. Le Boss may think that the time is right to cash in. Henry’s circumstances is very similiar with Vieira’s, they may pen a long term contract but there is no guarantee. Some may point that we need our captain to guide the rising stars. It was the same sentiment before Vieira was sold. Thirdly, Le Boss is reputed for trying out youngsters rather that keeping faith on old guards to revive. The queue behind Henry is getting longer. When all our forward if fit next season, we would have van Persie (24), Adebayor (23), Aliadiere (24), Walcott (18), Baptista (25) – most probably, Bendtner (19), and Jay Simpson (18) – maybe. Futhermore, Reyes maybe coming back & we may also get Robinho although both can be delpoy as winger.

  • Joe i think ur really unfair to henry……..afterall he has done for us its a bit unfair to say that…..and also he has been a consistent 20+ goals a season striker(not this one ofcourse).i

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