Date: 14th September 2007 at 4:55pm
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When the fixtures come out in June, Arsenal fans immediately look to one of two fixtures, Man Utd and Tottenham Hotspur (Don’t kid yourself Chelsea, you’re nowhere near). I personally look to the North London derby with dread.

Despite Arsenal only having lost once to Sp*rs in the Wenger era, the tension of this match, for me, becomes unbearable. The Tottenham fans would have you believe the reason for my nerves is due to the team from over the Seven Sisters closing the gap on our good selves and a defeat would only serve to prove this, I say ‘Balls’.

After recently reading an article on the Online Gooner, I found myself nodding in agreement with the comments of Arsenal legend Charlie George when he made the claim that he prays Arsenal don’t lose on Saturday, not because of points but because if Spurs somehow manage a victory they will go on about it like they have won the European cup.

In my honest, frank & well respected opinion, the Spurs squad doesn’t hold a candle anywhere near the current Arsenal side, and with the exception of the forward line (only due to Eduardo’s lack of PL experience) the Gunners boss every single position.

But does that mean we can’t lose?

Of course not.

Arsenal’s current crop of players is fantastic, the financial status gets better every week, we have the best manager in the world, and we will only improve from here on in. But on derby days, all that goes out of the window.

I like to think of myself as a realist, and it’s more than possible tomorrow that we don’t turn up and actually lose to Tottenham for the first time in eight thousand matches, of course it is, but what would a defeat mean?

Would it prove that the Spurs fans theories that they are catching up, and soon to over take us?

Not on your nelly.

If the Tiny Totts do somehow squeeze out a win at the Lane at lunch time tomorrow, all it will indicate is that Spurs were the better team on the day.

Arsenal have suffered some horrendous defeats over the past few seasons at the hands of such teams as Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion etc etc, and did this prove their superiority? Their current non Premiership status can easily answer that question.

So will I be worried if we lose at WHL tomorrow? No. Will I be gutted? Like a big fat fish ready to go on an Australian barbeque.

Roll on Sunday.


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  • Everyone is tipping you to get done at the Lane and I have to say – I think you’ll spank them off the park. Three or four nil. They wont live with Van Persie and if you can keep the ball in the middle they have got nothing. Ignore the bluster – nailed on three points for your lot. Any other day Id be sorry to say that, but not today!

  • I honestly hate the NLD, you expect that comment from a Spurs fan, but from a Gooner? It’s just horrible, and tense, and not enjoyable (until the final whistle if we win).

  • “What Would Defeat Mean For Arsenal?”Having to deal with Spud dvds, t-shirts, an the word COYS written 50000 times+ “jol is a genius”.

  • Well said Rocky, and must agree they have a good chance against us this time round. Had a great idea though of how to deal with the aftermath, because let’s face it, as you said it’s only the bloody aftermath we dread. If we lose, we get a step ahead of them and make some T-shirts ourselves – a piccy of a drunk-looking c0ck falling off a ball in the middle with nice big letters around it: “We, The Mighty Arsenal, were beaten by Spurs on 15th September 2007AD. It’s the first time in 8 years – please, write it down!”

  • Its the same story every ******** year. We’re always nervous about the result but they never do enough to beat us. I think it’ll be the same story this year too. A draw would be good enough i guess. I would be absolutely devasted if we do lose. We’ve all forgotten how it feels like to lose against the tiny totts and we’re unlikely to remember how it feels like tomorrow

  • The run has to end somewhere, and it’s not the quality of Spurs shower of *****e that has me concerned, it’s the law of averages. Oh and Kev…..isn’t “COYS” the most annoying thing in football. Probably needed because the can’t spell the whole thing.

  • What would it mean for Arsenal? Well it’d mean that we would join the elite group of such luminaries as Chelsea and Man Utd in having 1 defeat so far this season. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • It is incredibily annoying. I’d rather hear carragher talkin through his nose than listening to the spuds yelling coys.

  • Mistraal you only find the term gay because you find singing (which is where it originally comes from) confusing and unfamiliar and so you react to the unknown in the only way you know how….’Oooh it’s gay’. So are you.

  • To be fair though… if it was the other way round (oh, how i wish it was) that you hadn’t beaten us in 8 / 9 years… and you then would also go on about it like you won a cup. How you can say that Spurs are nowhere near the standard of the Ars*nal side, frankly baffles me… over a 2 year period we have finish about 7 points behind you ! It may not be as good, but i wouldn’t say your MILES ahead and the gap is closing and you know it..

    COYS !!

  • I didn’t say I’d blame you for going on about it like you’d won the cup, just that it would annoy me emmensely. And while you have finished closer to us recently, that was you at your very best and us at our worst for years.

  • i have t oagree with OLASAL, this will be our most convincing win at the lane under Wenger. the team will be on a high after Arsene’s contract extension, and if the ref does his job well and spuds come out to win, we’ll spank them easily. i would love for RVP to score his first Arsenal hatrick tomm..

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