Date: 8th April 2008 at 9:51pm
Written by:

There’s an old adage that in football, bad decisions level themselves out. Well to that I simply say ‘Bollocks’.

Yes I may be writing this in the heat of the moment, I may be wearing my rose tinted Arsenal giggs, but give me a break.

This season has seen Arsenal capitulate in fantastic fashion, mistakes have been made from our players and management alike, but refereeing decisions this season has cost us more than any error from the Arsenal.

I sit here gob smacked that we are currently out of this seasons Champions League. The fact that we were denied a penalty at home to Liverpool last week is obsolete, but Liverpool’s heart breaking spot kick was so soft that I can not stomach it.

So as all the flag waving scousers celebrate well into the night, the should count themselves lucky that the footballing gods were smiling down on them, because we were certainly the better team and deserved to go through.

This is one seriously pissed off Gooner, signing off for the night.