Date: 6th November 2006 at 6:41pm
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After a crushing late Marlon Harewood goal, there was more than an opinion or two on the Vital Arsenal forum.

Here’s what some of our members thought.

Professor Calculus??.

During the course of the season some decisions will go for us others against us, but yet again we simply didn’t take our chances, it’s that simple. If we had taken our chances on Wednesday and today then we would be feeling good about two wins in the bag, as it stands we got nothing (ok a point) from Wednesday`s game and again nothing from today’s game.

It’s hard to take but it’s all self inflicted, the negatives are that we are an attacking side who can’t score, the positives are that our football is sound and we are creating more than enough chances. But to lose to West Ham who are just poor, they were there to be beaten today.


Yes, we should beat teams like West Ham. Yes, we lost some games last season to poor sides. There are patterns developing …BUT IT’S ONLY NOVEMBER! United will not be all conquering this season, although they are doing very well despite not replacing the likes of Keane and Van Nistelrooy. Chelsea are clearly vulnerable on occasion as this afternoon has shown. We are not out of it yet, but next Sunday has just become a massive game. If we are serious contenders we have to bounce back and turn over the Micky’s next week. Keep the faith. The future is red!


We were an absolute disgrace yesterday. How Wenger has the right to act like that I do not know. We went onto that pitch thinking that just by being there we will win, and we all know that west ham always want to beat us more than anyone else, and it showed. We were second to every ball, Henry was nowhere, and it could have been 3 or 4 had it not been for the Immense Toure yet again.

I was ashamed last night, and it made me sick that Wenger and the Fabregas have to be such bad losers…… Gallas showed heart and that defeat really got to him, but least he kept his mouth shut….

We all need to grow up, and start playing football again.


I had a feeling yesterday would go that way, part of me thought that after Wednesday the team would come out wanting to prove a point, the more realistic side of my brain told me they would be down because after playing the football they did on Wednesday and not winning they are starting to wonder how an earth they will win games.

I feel we don’t have a plan B, I was annoyed that Wenger took off RVP and brought on Eboue, and then Flamini. Why not put on Theo who could change a game?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the football we play, but I feel there is a time and a place, you need ugly results to instil confidence, get an ugly goal, then play the nice stuff, but make sure you get the lead you need first.

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32 Replies to “West Ham v Arsenal: A Fans View”

  • I’ve deleted your other mindless crap but I’ll let this one stand. Care to make a wager? I’ll bet you you don’t finish above us. Loser has to wear a Arsenal shirt to a Spurs game or a Spurs Shirt to an Arsenal game……….you got any bottle?

  • LOL how true, spurs fans… we can finish mutch higher perhaps third or even 2nd, and 10 points can always be taken back, its far from over.

  • Ok Mr common, let’s have a look at the form guide. Here is where we have finished the last 10 years…
    Perhaps you would care to input your mobs positions during the same ten years….come on lad its a computer. I know you’d run out of ink if you had to use a pen!

  • sorry rockhead i had disappeared a minute had things to do you know (sorry forgot this is your life). How about we change that wager to the victor in the next spurs v arsenal match seen as though you currently lie somewhat fortunately above us in the league

  • So pleased to see some common sense put forward on this site. You’re just the sort of people to offer comfort and counselling to poor, frazzled Arse-in Vengeful. What a bitter, brittle little man he’s showing himself to be. Iceman, you’re bang on. Win one and you’re third, hardly reason for the big snail-breeder to go spare on Sunday. Because, if northwilts is right, and club l’arse are a team with a decade of near-achievement under their belt, then Pardew has every reason to go bananas like he did when lowly West Ham won under such dramatic circumstances. He owes an apology to all of you for losing it.

  • I really like PUREGOLD’s comments on the game, its just pure gold 😉 no, really top class comments that sm up everything really !!!!

  • He doesnt need to apologise to us, he’s a legend who made a mistake. It would be nice if he made peace with Pardew seen as it was West Ham who crippled your season at the last hurdle. The decade of so called underachievment has come at a cost of less than £5million per season, what has your decade produced and at what cost? Well done for beating CFC for the 1st time in 16 years, every dog has its day, it a pity youve still got fleas and your frothing at the mouth with Rabies.

  • Why change the wager? You have been here spouting off constantly saying how we’ll finish mid table and you’ll finish above us, so either put your money where your mouth is or sod off. Anything can happen in a single match, I know that, I’m not stupid, but I also know that our class easily outweighs anything you can offer. NLD are a gamble (even though lokking at your pathetic record you wouldn’t think so) and I’m not prepared to gamble on wearing a Spurs shirt, but I KNOW for a fact that we will finish above you, and on that I’m prepapred to bet. So whaddya say? Either you believe your hype and you make the bet or you’ll run off with your tail between your legs because you know the truth and the truth is you’re just not good enough to out do us over a full season.

  • rocky. You claim not to be stupid, incorrect statement please don’t tell lies you aren’t fooling anybody. Maybe we should call you pinoccio from now on. iceman please clear off. you are trying to get involved in something you don’t understand (no im not talking about singing the alphabet, i know you struggle after c) im talking about football. i think if you look we aint far behind you on the rich club list despite your years in the c league and us not being in europe. only 3 places on the rich list i wonder why that is?

  • who cares about the rich list? your telling me I cant do ABC but at least I can spell sense! All I want to know is do you have the minerals to take the bet? A simple yes or no will do.

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