Date: 14th January 2007 at 1:10pm
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Arsene Wenger has applied the common sense that Alan Pardew lacks, in his reactions to Gilberto’s sending off at Ewood park yesterday.

The FA very rarely speak out against their own referee’s as not to undermine their decisions, and as the ref ‘saw’ what went on yesterday, Wenger pretty much know any such appeal would fail, possibly, as Pardew found out, resulting in a further ban.

Bert rather stupidly kicked out at Savage after the Welsh moron clattered into him, TWICE, from behind. We all know what Mr. Silva did was wrong, but surely the correct decision would have been to book, or send both off.

‘He will miss three matches. To me the red card looked harsh because the first foul was made by Savage. Gilberto reacted a bit too much because he was kicked after the referee had blown the whistle. Ideally he should not have reacted at all but he told me he didn’t touch Savage. There is not a lot we can do about it, we had to accept it and we gave the right response. We played 80 minutes with 10 men and still kept going forward every time we could.’ said Wenger

‘Usually appeals don’t work when the referee has seen it so we could even get one game more! We don’t want to take that chance.’

‘I felt that Savage went in an aggressive way to Gilberto. I felt that if you send Gilberto off then you should send Savage off as well, although I need to see the incident again. The referee was very close to the action and decided to give Savage a yellow for the first foul, which he deserved. He applied the law to the letter, that means a red card for retaliation and a yellow for a bad foul, so he can defend his case. But in the spirit of the game I think both could have gone.’

So that is that. Next up, Manchester United, without Gilberto. As if the task wasn’t hard enough already.


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  • the abcense of gilberto has got me all worried about the next game.. he has been the most important player on the pitch for us in the recent past.. and without billy in the central defence.. we might be a bit exposed.. lets see what happens in a week’s time..

  • Ive now seen Sp*rs players Bite people and Slap people and both get yellow cards while Gilberto gets a 3 match ban for clipping Lily savages ankles. The authorities that run our beautiful game are an absolute joke.

  • flamini can do a great job in bert’s absence, so it won’t be a big problem, our team is good enough to beat united quite comfortably at home..

  • cynical challenges by savage…he was wrong to react but that is easy to say…..wise actions by wenger though….

  • Iceman – And i have seen Dennis “sharpen those elbows” Bergkamp stamp on people and Smash his elbows into peoples faces and get away with a ticking off. So shut it. Yes Chimbonda was lucky, Gilberto was not. Chimbonda was goading Butt by slapping him – he responded with the winning goal. Lily Savage was goading Gilberto by biting at his ankles. He responded by kicking out and getting himself sent off. So he has only himself to blame. It would be nice to see such gamesmanship eradicated, but its part and parcel and will never go away. Get used to it.

  • I dont think people can accuse wenger of whinging in this case. a remarkable, fair assessment of the foul !!

  • Shut it, thats grown up! dont take ur frustrations out on me! ive highlighted inconsitencies in refs decisions both your players should have seen red, so whats your problem? Im used to it but it doesnt make it ok though. p.s Good result yesterday.

  • I dont think weve got away with much given the amount of reds we have recieved under Wenger……get ur facts straight.

  • I have mate – after moaning for so long about unfair treatment, you became untouchable for a while. And what i said bout Bergkamp ARE FACTS. Also, are you forgetting Keowns monkey impression? (all the more remarkable for his physical appearance) and if i remember rightly – the ref did nothin at the time. You are right. Refs are inconsistent – but that ha soften worked in your favour. maybe shut it was immature, and yes i am frustrated – but not with yesterday’s result – with your blinkered attitude. Are you Wenger in disguise?

  • I am Wenger Junior! Im not blinkered just refs frustrate me as im sure they frustrate you. How can they not upgrade or degrade cards are they not human do they not make mistakes? I use ur boys as a comparison because I dislike ur club as im also sure you dislike mine.

  • Yep – I just wish I got to gloat more, actually i just wish i got to gloat full stop. I have only been afforded such joy once really (I’m 22 and it was in 99 when Sherwood the pheasant head scored a free kick) Please God, let us do the scum in the Carling cup.

  • Tim Sherwood ooooaaooh Tim sherwood oooooaaoh, he comes from Borehamwood and he’s no F****N good! although you seem a decent bloke I cannot share your prayers!

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