Date: 18th October 2010 at 9:52am
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Something we have known for many years is that no matter what we do as a team, a club and as fans, people will always pick fault with it.

It’s true of any club with real rivals of course, yet when it’s your own club it seems that whole lot worse, but I’m 99% sure that the Gunners are vilified for whatever we do, much much more than any other club.

Take for example Eduardo da Silva’s (welcome home this week buddy!!) dive against Celtic in the Champions League qualifier at Ashburton Grove. The incident clearly wasn’t the first, or worst case of diving in football history, yet calls came out from the entire world for the game to be replayed and Eddie to be banned. The outcry was so strong that FIFA actually bowed to the pressure and banned our striker …. of course the decision was ridiculous and unfair and was over turned.

Our club and manager has come under intense criticism, rather unjustly I feel on countless occasions, from overly orange individuals, baseball capped childish pillocks and just about anyone with an opinion of football.

Well Arsene Wenger has now come out and voiced the opinion that we’ve held for a long time. We’re always wrong.

‘No matter what we do, it is wrong, If we get kicked the whole game and do not reply, people say we are too soft.’ said Le Boss.

‘I don’t believe we are too soft. We showed that at Chelsea where we were not dominated physically at all. On the contrary, we dominated that game physically, so we are not too soft.

‘I tell my players to play football. I can influence my players with the vision I have of the game, but I cannot influence what people say about us. If you respond every time to the judgement of others you go one day north, the next day south, then east, then west and players don’t know where you are going any more.’

And he’s right …… we’re too soft, we’re too dirty, we’re weak defence, we’re weak in attack, we don’t spend enough money, we spend too much on wages, the list goes on and on.

After comments in the last week from people like Tony Pulis, Chris Coleman, Kris Kamara (I used to love you Kammy) talking about aspects of our club without including any actual facts and relying on red top sounds bites for ammunition against our beloved Gunners, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to survive with our sanity intact is to tune these idiots out.

It might seem like a simple solution, but with the widespread availability of footballing news on the Internet, mobile phone ‘apps’ (I hate that friggin’ word), newspapers, television and so on, it’s much easier than it sounds. But I can no longer listen to the opinions of football’s has-beens and people who have nothing to do with football other than to offer their deliberately inflammatory views.

There’s no sense in arguing with someone whose opinion is formed by widespread misinformation, because as Wenger says, ‘we’re always wrong’.