Date: 3rd October 2006 at 11:06am
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Our fearless leader has issued a war cry to the current Premiership champions, ‘We can beat you’.

After a slightly dodgy start to the season, Arsenal have now picked up the pace and are only 5 points behind Chelsea (and United) with a game in hand, which is against a lack-lustre Wigan.

Arsene Wenger is a firm believer in confidence, and with the notion that ‘confidence breeds confidence’ Wenger is certainly doing his bit to inspire his troops.

Wenger procliamed, ‘It’s satisfying to think that Chelsea are not the only ones who can be successful, even with money.

‘Chelsea can be beaten this year in England. I’m profoundly convinced of that. And I believe we can beat them.’

In my opinion Arsenal are once again playing the best football in the league and with the confidence instilled into the by Arsene Wenger, there is no reason we can’t kick on and mount a serious challenge for the title.

Come on you Gunners!!


16 Replies to “Wenger: We Can Beat Chelsea”

  • everyone is talking about our football, which can’t be said for any other team, and most of all chelski who are trying to do those boring 1-0 leads and try and hold them, cue Aston Villa. we have now won 5 games in a row in all competitions and you know what they say, winning is a habbit. roll on dec 10th

  • thansk jono, i think that goes without saying. i think the cracks are showing this season with chelski and Manure play them Nov 26th and then we do on Dec 10th, and i think they play barcelona inbetween.. an important time for chelski and the pressure will be massive.

  • Hope you do win the league guys. Always had a soft spot for you since Arsene took over as I believe you are the greatest footballing team to watch for any neutrel. I’m sure we’ll run you close tho… 😉

  • I have said all along Arse will walk the league and champions league!! Common ARSE!!! Chelsea are there for the taking, just do itwithout diving and cheating.

  • Thanks DeanoVilla, the feeling is mutual. I think we can beat any team on our day even a world XI side! (no doubt half the team will consist of the Spuds cause their just quality) Dont worry COCKeril we wont cheat, Zokora is on your team not ours, poor thing must of forgot. (understandable as they actually won a game against a team not relying on Hulse to bang em in)

  • Deano, we are trying, but you guys are not helping us taking points off us, and at the emirates to boot!!
    But I don’t mind you taking off points off Chelsea at The Bridge.

  • Hey Cockeril I sure am glad we don’t have to play you lot next. Spurs will be very fresh with two weeks off but there’s no rest for our players, what with international commitments! Nice to see some Villa fans here, much more pleasant than spuds/chelskis.

  • If Arsene says so……we can do it! You know what they say………………..Arsene knows!!!!

  • i have to agree with the boss here. i was at the chelsea game on sat, could not get tickets for arsenal. chelsea were very poor, especially in midfield, lampard looked very ordinary, also it was great to see ashley cole playing, he was awlful, out of position three times, the young villa winger was all over him, cole looked like a little boy lost out on the pitch and the hard core chelsea nutters i was sitting with were not happy they got cole for gallas.
    i’d be confident of beating chelsea after saturdays performance and it was a performance that jose thought was the best this season, if that is the best they can do they might as well give us the title too. ended up at the spurs game on sun, they are terrible, worst team i have ever seen, the pompey fans out sang the spurs fans for the whole game.

  • My best mates a Villa fan, good luck to them this year, but cheers for nicking a point at the Grove, not appreciated. Lets hope Wenger’s right, i think we can and the early signs are promising. Chelski havent gelled and the 2 new signings (Ballack & Sheva) have been utter crap so far, lets hope for more of the same from them. Best of all, he cant drop Sheva because of Abramovich and the price tag! Unlucky, atleast our manager controls the team!

  • Let’s hope we can do it. If I may change the subject, is Baptista injured? Or is Wenger just giving him a break. It would be nice to have him in form for the Chelski game. Russian fu**ers

  • We are nearly back to our best….we will be soon….so that is ominous for the rest of the league.Chelsea will know that soon they will not be able to live with us. Over the years we have demonstrated a brand of football that they have not in any way even got close too. I am sure that in Mr Wengers mind its not so much a case of Chelsea going backwards…. rather us going forwards…….very fast !!!!!

  • remember when wenger said we can go a season unbeaten, and everyone laughed? MWAHAHAHAAAA here we go again. this time not too many are laughing coz wenger knows best

  • so long as we play the match our way and keep up our usual passing effective game then we will win !!

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