Date: 29th April 2016 at 12:38pm
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It`s safe to say Arsenal`s season is a massive disappointment. It promised so much, offered glory on a plate, but we bottled it yet again.

Despite that Arsenal have the best away record in the league, we`ve also done much better against the “top” teams than in recent years too (or at least it feels that way). So just how did we manage to make a knackers of it?

Arsene Wenger says our home form against “smaller teams” is to blame.

“We lost the championship at home against the lower teams. We have to realise that away from home we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we dropped the points. We are top of the league in [matches between] the top teams.

“We want to add what is needed. But as well this club has special values and one of the values I`ve experienced over the years is to stick together and support the team. There`s no success otherwise.

“I can understand the frustration of our fans but despite that we want to support our team and the best chance you can give to a team is to be behind them.”

Despite the acknowledgement of this failure at home Arsene Wenger maintains his squad has “exceptional character”.

“I can understand the frustration, because nobody is more frustrated than we are. But [we need] to fight no matter what happens, master all kinds of situations and protect and go for what we can achieve. Our disappointment has not to go too far.

“Some people questioned the team`s character. I tell you something: this team has character and attitude. People? should not question the character of these players, because they are exceptional characters.”

I can`t help but feel that players with “exceptional character” wouldn`t come unstuck so often at home, against teams we really should be beating.

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