Date: 3rd January 2017 at 7:17am
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Manager Arsene Wenger has said he’s looking for more stand out moments in the Premier League in 2017 as he’s felt the first half of the 2016/17 campaign has been ‘disappointing on all levels’.

Speaking to the Official Site ahead of our two nil victory over Crystal Palace on New Year’s Day, Wenger spoke of his hope for a more exciting Premier League in the second half of the year – from everybody including Arsenal.

Citing a lack of ‘spectacularity’ during the first half of the current season, Wenger would’ve been delighted to see his words followed up by Olivier Giroud’s scorpion effort in the game at the Emirates Stadium but with that moment yet to come as he spoke, here’s how he reviewed the campaign so far.

‘Overall it was a very promising Premier League with the best managers of the world all here competing – it promised to be an exceptional year, but until now I think it has been disappointing on all levels. We have not produced the games, the Premier League has not produced the games that are remembered.’

Wenger went on to say that especially with the new television deal and the uber increase in the money in the game, he feels a sense of caution creeping in to all clubs has dulled things a little, as well as considered smaller teams showing improvement of their own to close the gap on a Sky Top Four, Five or Six depending on what suits them that particular year.

‘Maybe it is because both teams are always top quality. I think everybody is under pressure first not to lose. Every game has become so important, maybe as well because the difference between the favourite teams and the smaller teams means that some teams just defend. I just feel there is more in the league than what we`ve produced. I include myself in that and you always think that a Premier League year is remembered as well by the two or three games that were absolutely spectacular. At the moment we have not produced that as a league.’

He ended by saying that with the quality in the division, managers and players he expects the second half of the campaign to more open up now in excitement.

‘I just think we have the best managers in the world in this league and I`m sure in the second part of the season, when everyone really has to go for it and it`s not anymore ‘wait and see’ but ‘go and take’, we will see some spectacular games. But we have not completely produced yet. It`s a very good league, every game is absolutely super difficult. But the spectacular side that everybody expected until now has not come out of this league.’

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