Date: 30th November 2015 at 6:44am
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Arsenal suffered another bout of injuries yesterday as Laurent Koscielny, Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez all got struck down with a case of the ouchies.

To be honest after the game I turned off a decided to ignore football for the rest of the day so I`m only this morning finding out that Santi got injured too, we`ve almost got a great team in the treatment room alone.

There has to come a point when your team suffers so many injuries, consistently, for years, that you have to question whether it`s something you`re doing that`s making the team injury prone. Of course this is professional sport and injuries will occur, but the sheer volume of injuries at our club surely can`t just be down to bad luck?

One of the more concerning injuries, and one that I think is easily explained is the hamstring injury to Alexis Sanchez. Alexis is a beast, he runs himself into the ground for every minute of every game and never ever stops. Even when his form isn`t great he gives his all for the team.

There was a time there when I thought he might be a cyborg, unfortunately this theory has been proven wrong as he has succumbed to a hamstring injury. In the days leading up to the game Arsene Wenger told us of a niggle Sanchez was carrying but was weary of resting him.

Following the game Wenger went on the defensive when questioned about Sanchez. It was a proper defence too. I mean had he played yesterday I don`t think we would have conceded!

He said on “The players are there to play football and not to be rested when the press decides they need to be rested.”

“He says it is a kick on his hamstring. I fear the reality is worse than that.”

“Nobody is scientifically developed enough, not even the press, to predict exactly when a guy would be injured. I must say that with all humility we are not position to predict that, despite all our test he looked alright.”

“We checked him and when you have no force and no middle stretch in your hamstring then there is no problem and he had that.”

I think he protests too much.

Now to an extent, his right, you can`t predict injuries, however you can use management skills to minimise the risk.

Is a player more or less likely to suffer a hamstring injury if he`s already suffered a tweak in the last 7 days?

Especially if that player is as intense as Sanchez. Wenger has talked a lot recently about wanting to rest Alexis and this would not be the first time Arsene has ran a player into the ground. He`s even admitted it himself.

So while many of the injuries are unforeseeable I think Wenger has to shoulder the responsibility for this one.

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