Date: 11th October 2016 at 6:45am
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With Arsene Wenger celebrating 20 years in charge at Arsenal this season, the manager has been speaking about the legacy he will inevitably leave when he finally departs.

Whether that’s at the end of this season or not, time will tell, but whilst the Trophy return may not have been what he’d have wanted given the long period of continuity and the fact he shaped the club top down during his time in charge, there is plenty he’s proud of.

Speaking to the Official Site during the international break, he explained.

‘I always felt that as a manager you have an influence on three levels. One, on the individual careers of the players – you are not successful with every player. Two, on the style of play and the results of the team. Three, on the structure of the club. I like to think that the club today is at a different level to when I arrived and as well, when I leave, that I leave a good team with a strong financial resources and good structures at the club.’

Wenger went on to say that obviously he’s proud of the ground work and the consistency of final league placing and European involvement, but when he does depart the club for the last time, his hope is that somebody will come in and build on his work, and be even more successful.

‘My pride would be to see somebody come in and do better. At least he is in a position to do better. It is important I think for the legacy. For me the club is also about identity and values. The values are carried here by the manager because I have stayed here for a long time. I hope that these values, which are respected all over the world, will continue because it is based on respect, humility, togetherness – and also that the club moves forward.’

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