Date: 3rd October 2008 at 9:55am
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Arsene Wenger has spoken of his desire for football’s governing bodies to get the ‘stupidity’ off the terraces of stadiums around the world.

Wenger’s comments follow a string of vile chants by Tottenham fans aimed at former Arsenal boy, Sol Campbell.

‘My reaction is that abuse cannot be tolerated from anybody towards anybody in the world,’ said Wenger.

‘How can you fight against it? You can single out people who do it. You can punish them individually by not letting them in, then maybe single out a group of people who go from game to game and do it.

‘Sometimes stupidity is contagious as well and sometimes in the crowd there is a competition to see who can be more stupid. That is why you should not let these people be together.

‘First of all, there is a big tolerance and the abuse only becomes singled out when it is racism. That is not the only abuse which you get in the stadium, but maybe people only get touched by it when it is racism. Insults of any kind should not be tolerated either.’

‘I think the racist abuse is much worse in some other countries than in England,’ he said. ‘I believe that England has shown the right direction and the right way by not tolerating it and has done much more than any other country maybe in the game.

‘That’s why the problem we saw [at Fratton Park] comes up again because people don’t accept it. In this country I find they are a model to copy. Most of the time when you visit other countries you meet this problem when you go more down to the south.’

One senses that Arsene Wenger is not only backing his old player, but also fighting his own corner after being the victim of the most vile and despicable chant in football for many years.

Good on him I say.