Date: 7th September 2017 at 8:01pm
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Having dealt with the other topics of conversation from Arsene Wenger’s pre Bournemouth press conference, here’s what he had to say about our upcoming opponent and how he reflects on the heavy defeat to Liverpool now he’s had the benefit of a couple of weeks to take emotion out of it.

Speaking to the Official Site as he held his pre game press conference, our French gaffer admitted that after a performance like Liverpool it was only natural to have some self-doubts but Arsenal certainly haven’t become a bad side overnight.

‘If you ask me do I suffer with performances like that, that`s obvious. If it makes you happy that I suffer, I can tell you that you can be very happy, but overall I think unfortunately it`s part of your career. You want ideally your team to perform at the top, top level and of course you question your decisions, you question your preparation and absolutely everything. But overall I believe as well we have played three games and there are 35 games to go.’

Asked whether the club was in crisis, Wenger thought it was ridiculous to think that after only three games.

‘I never could understand what a crisis is. To lose a game? Then I`m in a crisis. What`s important is that you focus on what`s in front of you in our job. For me every single defeat is a crisis, yes.’

Feeding the doom and gloom and rightful concern following the Liverpool showing, he was asked again if this was his lowest point at the club.

‘Look, we had a performance like that at Liverpool a few years ago. Not long after we played them again and we beat them easily at the Emirates. Football is made of that as well and you have to expect that performances swing. Life is movement. Quality of the performance can change from one week to another. That doesn`t put me in any denial that our performance was not good enough. Sport is sport and I must say I love my players, I believe in my players and we have a good opportunity to show that we have the quality that people want from us. We are in a part of the season where we want our fans behind the team. We can come out of this game and come to a quick conclusion that we are not good enough, or they can say ‘Let`s see what is happening` and stand behind the team. That`s what we want.’

He also totally dismissed that winning ugly was a route.

‘That`s where I think in England you come to the wrong conclusions always. If England has not won on an international level in over 50 years, it`s maybe time at some stage to come to the right conclusions. To convince people that to win you have to play ugly is for me a wrong debate. If you take the biggest teams in the world, they all play football. Brazil has won how many World Cups? They play football. Germany play football. Real Madrid play football, Barcelona play football. Yes, we didn`t play well enough the way we want to play, I agree with you, but to come out to a conclusion that you have to kick the ball into the stand to win football games is the wrong conclusion.’


‘I believe at some stage that what is important is that you stick to your principles, even if it doesn`t go as well as you want it. Do you question yourself? Yes. But don`t question things that are absolutely not obvious because you lose one game. That`s where I believe it`s important that people around the team continue to believe in what we do.’

Moving thoughts on to Bournemouth, he went on to say that he didn’t believe it was a good or bad time to play them.

‘It`s never a good time to play anybody. It`s a good time for us to focus on our performance and show that we are united. We have played three games. We have played two away games and we have 35 games to go in the championship. We will catch back the points we lost away from home. It`s important we continue our form at home. It`s important to put things into perspective. Sometimes even the press has problems in taking a little distance in things going on.’

In terms of team news, he confirmed that returning international players would be assessed on Thursday and he’d know their condition come Friday.

‘We don`t know yet because Alexis, Ospina, Ramsey…they are coming back today. We`ll check that all along the day.’

As for the team in general.

‘No, I think we have no injuries. Everybody is looking to come back quite well. Wilshere is getting stronger every day. Overall, we have no big injury problems.’

Asked about Jack Wilshere’s possible involvement.

‘I don`t know yet, I haven`t decided who will be in the squad or not. He still needs some fitness work, I think. But what I mean is he is in a positive trend. He is getting better and better.’

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