Date: 5th June 2006 at 10:49pm
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Comments made today by Arsene Wenger smacks of a cover up.

Our fearless leader reckons that should he not dip into the transfer market for a second time this summer, then we have plenty of players, even though later in the interview he admits that ‘There are one or two positions we can still strengthen.” Weird no?

Last season Wenger was foiled at every turn with regards to his transfer targets, Baptista, Robinho, Shaun Wright-Phillips and so on, all were snapped up by other teams after Wenger admitted he was in the market for them. Do you honestly think he would make the same mistake twice? Once bitten, twice shy.

At the close of the transfer window last summer, Arsene Wenger admitted there was a player on his way to Arsenal, but the Highbury faithful would have to wait at least twelve months before his transfer materialised, could this have been Rosicky? I doubt it, especially as Arsene stated that Rosicky’s signing was fast-tracked after Le Bob told him he wanted to leave.

So who is this mystery player?

I guess we won’t find out until the boss is ready, but in the mean time, have a butchers at Wenger’s exclusive interview and decide for yourselves whether or not you think Wenger is putting up a smoke screen.

“I have already respected my word,” said Wenger when questioned about further signings. “One is in.

“But I give myself time now for the second if it happens because I feel we have plenty of players. Look at our squad. In defence there`s Djourou, Senderos, Campbell, Toure, Cole, Clichy, Flamini plus Hoyte coming back. In midfield, Gilberto, Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky, Ljungberg, Flamini who can still play there and Reyes. Up front as well we have plenty of players too.

“Remember we have players at the World Cup who have not featured for us.”

“I would be comfortable yes [if we brought in no one else] but you never know, we might go for somebody else if the right occasion comes along. There are one or two positions we can still strengthen.”


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  • so it looks like it wont be a busy summer for you, but i agree with him u have plenty of players, but i think u could do with a CM and a striker to play with with henry

  • No, I don’t think he did. He’s more interested in getting members league points than making relevant or interesting comments.

  • Its the same for everyone coz as soon as any team declares their intentions moaninho dives in at the eleventh hour to sabotage the deal by outbidding everyone. Maybe chelski dont have any scouts and they wait for everyone else to declare an interest then they just buy them.

  • You never know how to take wenger’s words. It could be genuine & he really feels we are ok & so will only bring someone in if he can find the right player or alternatively he could already be doing deals & he doesnt want egg on his face again. When you look into certain arsenal transfers like rosicky for example its a player that wenger obviously wanted but he was prepared to lose out on him all for the sake of a million or so pounds. Its only because Athletico Madrid didnt bother making the intial payment that arsenal actually got to sign him!! We should be outbidding certain teams not just sitting back & waiting for something to go wrong with someone else’a deal before we move in, no wonder we rarely sign anyone!!

  • if this “mystery player is true” he must be waiting for a work permit. It was probably supposed to be Kalou because he has every sign of an arsenal player. (played at the academy created by Guillou) He is an idiot though because when you are admired so much by Van Basten you have to take his advice.

  • Hey, you guys made it to the final in Paris, why would you need to add any players unless you have more departures?

  • Because we struggled in the Premiership because of our lack of depth – finishing more than 20 points behind Chavski suggests something was definitely missing!

  • i think that the prem tiltes goin 2 be closer next year with chelsea, man u liverpool, arsenal

  • It’s not the player’s permit they’re waiting on. It’s finding a translator and getting that permit sorted. You weren’t expecting him to sign an Englishman, were you?

  • The mystery player was Julio Baptista as h was going to join but he could not get a work permit, then he joined real madrid

  • Jondagangsta – Arsene Wenger said last season, that a player would join us in summer 2006, this was stated after the Baptista affair, long after.

  • I rekon we shld put in a bid for Fernando Torres. I know he has a heavy price tag n we wont hav the funds we wil hav nxt yr wif d new stadium, but I think that if another club bids, we should too. Otherwise hopes he stays n mayb we can get him in January. Torres n Henry up front would be amazing. i hope torres is the mystery player. Also, wif Thirry signing a new contract, its a big lure to come to arsenal to play along side the best striker in the world! also we have fabregas on reyes both spanish players who r friends wif Torres. If Fernando came to Arsenal, wich he might, he would be a big success!

  • I agree that the goalkeeping department may need strengthening, but I’m not so sure we need to sign another striker. I’m looking forward to van Persie’s return to the first team following his injury hiccups last season, to partner Thierry. I’m not convinced yet with Adebayor starting matches, and much prefer to see Robin on the pitch from the off. From what I’ve seen and read he’s back in form for Holland, and looking more potent than Robben and Ruud put together. I’d like to see Walcott and some of the other young reserves given a chance too, especially Lupoli. As for greatwhitenorf’s contribution, it’s tiring and irrellevant. Please go away.

  • Maybe he means that you may have one or two positions that you can strengthen, but, that there is no one out there at this moment who can actually be brought in to strengthen them.

  • Yes wenger is uniques and yes this may be a cover up as he did reveal a lot last time which led chelsea and other teams in, I’d prefer the sneaky approach to buy a better player, not a midfielder mind as we have too many now, maybe a CB or a partner to Henry as abebayor and VP arn’t the best although I do respect and Rate them.

  • i really do hope arsene wenger goes on a shopping spree and buys alot of players because the new emirates stadium and the new kit calls for new faces

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