Date: 2nd March 2007 at 12:24pm
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It seems that all Arsene does now is moan and complain…Whether its about ref decisions, other teams or whatever, all his years of hard work and dedication he has brought into the English game are being overshadowed.

How many times is it now he’s been dragged up before the FA – this season alone? Fighting Pardew; being sent to the stands against Pompey and now coming out and calling a linesman a liar. How he can think he can get away with calling an official a liar is beyond me.

He is bringing the game into disrepute and its only going to affect us more on the pitch. Just think how many decisions go against us in games?Could it be that refs are fed up with Wenger calling them cheats?

How many times I`m hearing from Chelsea and Spuds fans that Wenger is a disgrace, how he is such a bad loser and never ever praises other clubs when they play better than arsenal…And that it`s such a shame because of the wonderful things he has done in the past. Quite frankly I agree with what they’re saying.

It looks like we have such a fantastic future, I love Arsenal and Wenger is the best thing that’s ever happened to this club and I’d hate to see it spoilt. If Wenger`s attitude is wrong with regards to authority, what`s gonna happen to the players…Carling Cup Final stoppage time anyone???

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  • This article is blown away as complete trash the minute the guy mentions spuds & chelski fans calling wenger a disgrace. When have chelski & spuds fans ever said ‘Oh what a wonderful manager you have’?? Its never happened so what do you expect them to say. How any chelski fan can call Wenger a disgrace, when their manager has accused referee’s of exactly the same thing (to the point that one ref had to retire due to death threats) & the ever honest Jol who denied on national tv that zokora dived to win a penalty against portsmouth!!

  • Why shouldn’t he express his views and opinions? I prefer honesty any day and if you asked any Gooner at Blackburn their view on the refereeing that night they’d have come out with a lot worse than the Boss. It’s more highly publisised when it’s Arsene because of his stature in the game, but he does it no more than most other managers (Jewell, Fat Sam etc). I’m hoping that he never changes and settles for mediocrity or failure (that is what will happen if he becomes a ‘good loser’).

  • I agree with the article but wouldn’t pay much attention to what Chelsea or Spurs fans say. I am a gooner but also getting fed up with the way Wenger is persistently attacking the fourth official during games like a spoilt child, the reason we’re out of both cups and not challenging in the league is because we’re not good enough, pure and simple.

    Instead of calling linesman liars, moaning about decisions and fighting with other managers Wenger should buy some better players – then he probably wouldn’t have to moan so much as Arsenal are only one or two acquisitions away from being a top team – at the moment they’re too flawed to be considered anything other than a decent european team with great potential – but then there’s lots of teams you can say that about.

  • Just taking up the point from AG, if you ever look at the Spurs Vital site when they don’t know you are there all of their fans express a wish to have a manager as good as Wenger and complain about Jabba Jol accepting defeat too graciously. We can’t have it both ways. I love the bloke.

  • I can see what your trying to say and its a intresting comment but i believe at times their has been some decisions that have been so one sided against Arsenal that Wenger has had to moan or complain about it.

  • A bit strong this. Whilst I admit Arsene can get rather paranoid he is passionate about the game and his players. I have always thought he has a good word to say about the opposition, to the point of ‘sucking up’ too much. I agree with AG that once the scum are mentioned the credibility of the aricle goes out the window. You must be struggling for a newsworthy subject Nick. Arsene has some legitimate greivances but maybe his way of expressing them is wrong. Let’s face it the FA will do FA about his complaints!

  • The Football Association are scum, every single one of them. They are runing the English League (not to mention the national team for anyone that actually cares) and their arrogance and autocratic rule, not to mention their lamentable lying, will see our league end up in tatters.

  • If Wenger didn’t moan about bad decisioons then it’s as good as accepting that you deserved to lose a game that you’ve only lost through bad decisions given against you. Calling the Linesman a liar is down to the fact that Ade was sent off for something Eboue had done, the linesman realised that after and made up the story that Ade had swung a punch. And all this knowing Drogba had slapped someone. Arsene is without doubt The best thing that’s happened to Arsenal and for him to point out mistakes made by incompetent officials (and it seems to me this season has had far more of them than ever before) is a way of highlighting something that needs to be addressed in the game!!!

  • This article is utter bo11ocks. Arsene is complaining because he has a RIGHT to complain (see Goodplaya to read up on the apalling yellow card statistics). And he’s complaining in public because shining a light on the horrid officiating will (hopefully) embarrass the FA enough that they will have to curb the problem. The fact is that Arsenal are so much more skilled than other clubs that they have to maul us to compete, and our pi$$ poor officiating lets it happen. Hopefully our Champions League game will get some fair officiating next week, and the Arsenal will be allowed to play their game.

  • I agree with Littledutch, I think it is disgusting how Adeby is banned for 3 games, he was wrongly accused so it makes sense that he would question his reason for getting sent off. They are highly arrogant and they don’t want too be seen as wrong. I agree with Wenger the problem is brittish people in general have this thing where even if something bothers them they will put on a smile. Some people if something bothers them they will let their opinion known and I agree with those people.

  • DANNY i am shocked at this mate, i agree with wenger on this issue, the linesman claimed to have seen Adebayor punch lampard, Lamps say differently and now the ref’s report says he saw him throw a punch but failed to connect.. and he was sent off for agressive behaviour. If I was wenger i would be annoyed too, but you what, so what ! i heard Wenger comment, he didn’t get hysterical, he said it in his clever monotone way, articulate, intelligent and stating facts. nothing wrong with it and it seems to me that he has ever right to voice an opinion and complaint, yet we all know what the FA will do.. i am glad he is a bad loser, it shows he cares about Arsenal winning, its passion and if he shrugged it off, then i would be worried.

  • more gooners back his actions,then frown upon them,who gives a four x what anybody else thinks about this,we all know the truth,and i am sure we are going to become better from this crap that the f.a keep throwing at us

  • my article has been taken way out of porportion…… all i was trying to get through was that arsenal are becoming more hated and hated, and to be honest i dont like the be hated, and im sure you dont either. wenger has spent years and years bulding up what’s coming into our 3rd fnatastic team, and more trophies are on its way….. but if Wenger just managed to stay onside with the FA and other managers, admit more responsibility from time to time then we can all keep happy

  • To be honest, this has been coming for a while, not just with Arsenal but across football. There is no consistency with refereeing, if a striker is away and loses the ball to what he thinks is a foul, then runs back and tackles (legally but hard) to get it back he almost always gets a foul given against him and a yellow – not for the challenge but because the referee assumes ‘intent to foul’. I hope Wenger does challenge the FA – they make ******** ludicrous decisions all the time and have a stuffy holier than thou “you can’t question us” attitude. With all the money in football, 1 bad decision can cost millions – it’s about time the people making decisions were also responsible for their mistakes. When you CAN have TV replays checked within the same time frame as the person celebrating the goal (ball not in play) to correct a decision then of course it beggars belief that multi-million pound decisions are being made by amateurs who get paid £200 to ref the game (not including the rouble bonuses ofc). If Eboue is charged (as he should be) then I hope Arsenal install cameras all around the Emirates and film every match from hundreds of angles. If the FA choose to single out one of ours, we will provide video footage for countless other fouls against us, if they do nothing about them, they are biased and liars, and it can be proven, legally. I hope they kept something in their coffers after wasting money on the shambles that is the Wembley Project.

  • D4NNYT, genius will always be hated, that’s the way of the world. Voltaire, Spinoza, Wilde were all exiled. Wenger is getting the “witch” treatment from the F.A because he is brave enough to expose how utterly *****ing useless they are. The F.A are destroying the Premiership in temrs of entertainment and skill, let Wenger take them on.

  • Wenger’s no better or worse than any other manager when it comes to moaning about match official’s. It’s funny however that the better their respective team plays – the less they seem to moan….

  • The FA are useless and Wenger is the only one to say it how it is. Wembley is 2 years late and £300 million over budget, Sven is still being paid, MCclaren, The Scolari mess, the list is endless. The FA are a commitee of people that have never played the game making decisions on how to run football? You might aswell have Ali G there AAAiiiiiiigggghhhhttt!

  • When I 1st got my season ticket I was treated to the delights of Mcgoldrick, Selley, Hillier, Morrow, Carter etc and whilst they were all 100% effort players I can only thank god Mr Wenger came to the club. He has single handedly changed our football club like no other manager in modern football history and for that we should all stick by him.

  • As a Spurs fan I think Wenger is a great manager. While I disagree with his extraordinary inability to find more English players and essentially turn Arsenal into a finishing school for the French, Spanish and Brazilian national teams, what he has achieved cannot be knocked. If watching as a neutral I can see how foreign supporters enjoy watching his teams play. However this was tempered by his ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ approached which became almost comic. Recently though, his attitude has become quite vicious – his lack of grace at last years Champions League final, the spat with Pardew have undermined some respect, but this latest incident is disgraceful …. he has no evidence the linesman lied, in fact the FA have published what the linesman said yet Wenger insists on saying he lied. If Dean Ryan can get a 13 week touchline ban for saying the ref didn’t know the rules in Rugby this should be applied to all Football Managers to cut out this lack of sportmanship and grace.

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