Date: 24th January 2012 at 12:52pm
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Following our horrendous start to the season we`d made a pretty decent recovery, however the good run of results is all but a distant memory as three defeats on the bounce leaves us with a Herculean task in order to qualify for next seasons Champions League.

As one of the most obscure seasons in terms of results continues at warp speed we find ourselves in a possible 5-way battle for two places to contend with Europe`s elite for 2012/13 if you, like I, believe that Spurs will drop sufficient points over the next month to eliminate them from their frankly impressive title charge.

That said I`m not sure we have what it takes to catch Chelsea, never mind our North London neighbours. For the first time in 15 years I don`t think we will finish in the top four.

During the 2-1 defeat at the hands (feet) of Manchester United at Ashburton Grove on Sunday there was audible air of descent amongst the assembled Gooners (rather perversely when we were pressing to win the game), many pressing the manager to “spend some fucking money” or declaring that he doesn`t know what he`s doing shortly after a substitution that saw the horribly out of form Andre Arshavin replace the ever impressive Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that seemingly “cost us the game”.

Indeed the chorus omitting from the red and white patron`s of The Grove for the board to replace Mr Wenger is beginning to grow following our impending exclusion from the European Cup next season.

However I`m of the opinion that in the likely event that we are participating in the Europa League next term that the retention of Arsene Wenger`s services will be more vital now than ever before.

The board at Arsenal Football Club have gone to quite some effort to convince it`s followers that a lack of CL football wouldn`t be too detrimental to our bank balance despite the “loss” of a potential £30M, so considering our manager`s apparent lack of desire to spend said “fucking money” the financial aspect of not qualifying for the Champions League is not something we really need concern ourselves with.

There has long been a theory that any team failing to secure a season in Europe`s premier competition would no longer be able to make signings of any quality as apparently non of the teams outside the Champions League places in all of Europe`s top leagues are an attractive enough prospect for any decent player to want to play for.

Of course this isn`t a theory I buy into.

However even if the theory proved correct, I fail to see how it would really apply to Arsene Wenger`s Arsenal.

There is a famous Arsene Wenger quote that many Gooners feel a little pride about after the Frenchman simply claimed “At Arsenal we don`t buy world class players, we make them”. And I feel that`s as true now as it was back when those words first fell from Arsene`s lips.

A brief glimpse of some of the more favoured players in our squad right now should shed some light on my theory. I mean, consider turning back the clock and imagining that Laurent Koscielny, Thomas Vermaelen, Robin van Perise or Wojciech Szczesny signing for Tottenham or Liverpool, would we have given it a second thought? I think not.

Indeed one of the massive talents of our manager is his ability to spot a player playing beneath himself at some obscuere club and present him with the opportunity to really make a name for himself in one of the world`s top leagues, and for the most part, that opportunity is ceased.

To sum up, not only should we not sack our manager, we should do all we can to ensure he`s still here next season ESPECIALLY if we miss out on the Champions League, because there is no better man out there qualified to ensure we can still aquire players capable of getting us back into the Champions League.