Date: 15th March 2007 at 7:31pm
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The FA have charged Arsene Wenger with ‘improper conduct and/or bringing the game into disrepute.’

The charges relate to comments made by Le Boss following the lino’s decision to tell the referee that Manu Adebayor aimed an invisible punch at no-one and got him sent off.

Wenger retaliated by called the official a ‘liar’.

We all knew he was in trouble.

An FA statement read,

“Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been charged with improper conduct and/or bringing the game into disrepute.

“The charge relates to his media comments about one of the assistant referees in the Carling Cup Final.

“He has until 30 March to respond.”

This is Wenger’s 500th appearence in front of the FA and it is likely he will be rewarded with a gold watch.


21 Replies to “Wenger In Trouble Again”

  • Headline: Wenger charged over liar outburst. Excerpt: The FA later insisted that the linesman had simply reported that Adebayor had been behaving aggressively and asked Wenger to explain the remarks apparently questioning the official’s integrity. WTF??? First the linesman said Ade punched Lampard. Then he said Ade aimed a punch at Lampard. Now he claimed he simply stated that Ade behaved aggressively? Tell me what he said is a not lie

  • The F.A are liars, as Joe said, they’ve now changed their story three times. What the **** is going on?

  • Newsflash: The FA strike up a new advertising deal Tippex, it’s thought to be worth Millions. The deal was brokered after the FA almost went bust after spending almost the entire budget for Wembly on Tippex for their match reports. Tippex agreed to advertising with the FA after they could no longer afford to pay their tab.

  • If you ask me, they’ve been sniffing too much of the ******** stuff! Anyone remember the final scene from kill bill when Bill shoots Beatrix with a truth serum? I’d like to see Wenger do that at the hearing. Actually, ********* to that, if he could execute the five point palm exploding heart technique on the linesman that would be much better.

  • Wenger has lost the plot this season and is rapidly turning into an idiot. An experienced manager like him should know better. Irrespective of the merits of the case and what he is claiming may be true, you never question the integrity of the match officials in such a blatant way … you say they must be mistaken, you say they must have misidentified, you ask why the statement appears to have changed … you do not call match officials liars. In any sport, if you question the officials in such a manner, you get fined and banned (even if you are in the right). In Rugby, Dean Ryan suggested that the referee wasn’t up to speed with the rules and got a 13 week touchline ban (he was in the right) … what do you think is more inflamatory? If you take your emotive opinions out of the issue, anybody will realise that Wenger seriously over stepped the mark. If he doesn’t realise this, he better get used to the stands.

  • lol, rocky. i liked the part abt the gold watch :). To be honest, i didnt think arsene could get away with something like this (even if it IS the truth). For once, i find myself agreeing with some of what sir_harry said (will wonders never cease)!! But the FA are doing their reputation no good by changing their story thrice. I’d like to say it damages their credibility, but do they have any in the 1st place ??

  • Wenger and idiot, he’s lost the plot? I think it is you who overstep the mark SH. Show some respect to a man who has more titles in 10 years than your club has in its entire history. When blatant lies are being made public by the FA its is very hard to control your emotions, they have changed the linesmans story 3 times and think they can do so without question. Any sane human being would question them maybe except your imbecile manager who seems to accept rough justice and has all the hallmarks of being an exceptionally good loser.

  • I actually agree with Sir Harry’s point, Wenger is correct, the linesman is a liar and cannot be offended by the insinuation, but perhaps Arsene should have moderated his language and just called him the son of a whore?

  • I dont know if anyone else agrees but this seasons standard of officiating has got to be one of the worst that i can remember. I think AW has finally had enough and if he thinks the linesman lied then he should go to the FA and say that. As an Arsenal fan i want Wenger to stick up for his team when he thinks they have been wronged. The FA are an absolute joke.

  • Plus the benefit that there will not be any reaction from the FA if you keep shouting “the son of a whore” in Portuguese

  • Sir Harry, officials hold no respect is because there is not enough transparency and honesty in their dealings, abetted by the FA. The gulf between officials and clubs will never improve until there is an overhaul (in officiating, the FA etc) that is bought into by the clubs themselves. Officiating rugby is much much easier than football (also the fact that there are not billions swishing around helps) so we cant draw parallels with that sport. If there was a way to decrease significantly the number of critical injustices dished out by football officials, then I would indeed support your argument that ALL naughty managers should be sent to the stands.

  • Yes we all agree officiating has been poor, the FA has to be more transparent etc etc .. Believe Rugby is not easy to officiate as much of the laws are open to interpretation, and tell me one sport where the officials can be called liars in their own language and for there not to be the severest of sanctions, even if the statement is true. The issue is that Wenger is an intelligent man and irrespective of emotion, I cannot believe he would use such emotive language. The FA, as would UEFA and FIFA, will throw the book at him. To call someone a liar suggests premeditation which is something no sport will stand for. And regarding the issue of losing the plot, how many times as Wenger been called up before the FA on an annual basis compared to this season?

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