Date: 6th December 2006 at 6:49pm
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Arsรจne Wenger has dismissed suggestions of changing his club captain. Thierry Henry currently holds to armband but, with the French striker out injured, Gilberto has taken over temporarily.

The Brazilian will be leading the side out for the next few weeks but, Wenger confirmed, normal service will be resume when the forward is fit

“No no,” he said ahead of the Porto. “Thierry will be the captain. At the moment he gets a lot of stick that he does not deserve. What he has done for the Club is tremendous and he will again do a lot of tremendous things for us. But Gilberto comes in for him and I am sure he will do well for the team.

“He is a quiet type but he is a strong leader – much stronger than people expect him to be. He stands up. In fairness he is not a penalty taker but the way he took them on Saturday really takes something. That tells you a lot about his character.”

For me since Henry is a vital part of Arsenal and no one will say that he hasn’t given us dedication over the years and loves Arsenal through and through, but you have to be a realist. He played for his country in the World Cup, he plays football sometimes twice a week and trains 5-6 a week in the mornings. And we hear from Le Boss he is tired. He is paid over £100,000 a week to do this and can’t manage it according to his manager, we then hear that he is carrying an injury and is not fully fit, but we been hearing that story since August.

We then hear from the Henry camp that he wants to be playing every game and gets frustrated when he doesn’t, that he must listen more to his body.

I understand the getting old thing, that you can’t do what you did at 20 as you can when your 30 of over, but i wouldn’t call a proffessional football a tiring job. I left my house at 5:30 am on monday and got home at 8:30pm having driven 400 miles and had numerous meetings all day, and boy was I tired. I would like to see half these footballers do what the general public do and see how we feel.

Henry is important as club captain, he is vocal and intelligent, but is it having an effort on his game ? I sense sometimes that when he doesn’t feel right or doesn’t seem up for a game, it passes through the rest of the team and rubs off on them. If the armband was passed to another player would Henry act or play differently ? I think Wenger is right in keeping the armband with Henry, because the message of him not doing so would be more dangerous and have a much bigger effect long term on the benefit of the team.

I just wish that instead of ‘tired’ they coud use injured, leave him out for 4 weeks and let the kids get on with it. whatever the problem is, I am sure it will come out sooner or later, but the team needs focus on tonight with Henry and not listen to idle gossip until facts are facts from the horses mouth.

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  • It wouldn’t be coo if Wenger takes the armband away from him, but i think henry should relize that he is not captain material and pass it on himself and get back to doin what he does best.

  • If henry feels he can do it then great, however if he feels maybe someone else should then let gilberto or toure do it.
    but if thierry wants to continue let him, he can only get better at it.

  • I think Henry is a pretty good captain. When you consider how much responsibility he has in the team, the age of most of the players and the fact that he is trying to do it as a striker I think he is doing a fantastic job. I think that the majority (not all) of the fans that say he is not captain material are just trying to blame someone for the lack of success.

  • as long as it does not effect his game then I think he has the stature within the team to carry it off..

  • well we had a scary result tonight, but proved to be all over nothing as hamgburgers won, but you do wonder if Henry wad there would we of had the same result. he does bring confidence to them team and inspires the kids as did bergkamp.. he is still an enourmous part of the club.

  • haha HTG, not a day, that was just one day dude ! and i thought all spurs fans were dustbin men, i mean didn’t Chas n Dave sing that song ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I have to agree with simmy8_2000. I don’t even have to reiterate how much Henry has put into this club. It’s not just plain effort, but a desire to contribute so much of himself to what he does best, and what he can bring to the team that makes him such a role model for the other players. I don’t exactly feel like it’s because of age that makes him so ‘tired’ as compared to what he went through emotionally for these past couple of months. Two huge finals and two huge losses. It’s not so simple as to suck it up and move on. The emotional dent it leaves takes much time to get over. I remember when Pat Rafter lost to Sampras in the Wimbledon final and the guy was just down. But he bounced back only to lose again the following year to Ivanisevic and he was just broken completely. Sure it’s not exactly the same, but the same emotions of losing (quite bitterly if I may say) are felt and much more so for Henry because it all occurred within months.

    This doesn’t justify the current form of the team, nor am I attempting to say otherwise, but I just want to say that I don’t blame Henry or anybody for anything. And despite all the criticisms barraging the captain as of late, you don’t hear any complaints whatsoever from his teammates. Not even a smidget of a rumour is circulating in this regard. In fact, from what you read, they all have a tremendous amount of respect for him and look up to him as their solid rock. If that’s not captain material then I don’t know what is.

  • well i think if he was on the pitch last night we would of won the game. he does lift the team in a way no other player can, and gets the fans going to. he is also a marketing dream aswell.

  • If you play like you did last night in the next round – you will get dumped out. Just thought i’d show my ugly face!

  • jacky we will play more like we did last saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰ but more importantly, i think the arsenal knew they didn’t need a win. we can up our game, which is alot more than can be said for some other teams.

  • dont be silly. If that was deliberate (playing sh1te and risking elimination) then you truly are the best team in the world

  • I agree with the sentiment in the article, PG. But sometimes I think Henry can be a little negative when he expresses his emotions and I think he needs to curb that a bit in a team full of youngsters. Otherwise you cannot find a player who is more respected than him by the others. Sometimes I feel that the players need to be fired up in the midst of a match especially when we are down, which can come from someone fiery like Kolo – I see him doing that a few times.

  • when we play well and lose or draw (man city, Middlesborough, etc) people criticise, when we play poorly and get the required result were likely to be knocked out in the next round!? Jacky B in the group stages its all about the result.

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