Date: 22nd April 2006 at 11:47pm
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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger could be in serious trouble after sticking nut on Spurs gaffer Martin Jol.

The incident came after the unsportsman like Tottenham scored a goal from a passage of play in which two Gunners were injured yet the Spurs players neglected to put the ball out of play.

Wenger and Jol then went toe to toe on the touch line, after which Wenger was heard to shout ‘Stitch this Jimmy’ and then butted him on the hooter.

Here we have actual fottage of the event.

Le Boss was hailed a hero after the clash.

NB: This event never actually took place and the gif is courtesy of ‘Seasider’ of Arsenal-Land fame


7 Replies to “Wenger Head Butts Martin Jol”

  • ******* spuds. shows they can’tscore against us without cheating. i thought the ‘head to head’ was ******* right!!!

  • you idiots…we played u off the park twice this season, and your crap and lucky to get draws, you will be so bad next year when your one man show leaves you

  • played us off the park yet failed to beat us on both ocassions. When did you last beat us again?? and you say we’re crap!!

  • Tottenham can never beat us, and next season in our grand new stadium we will show them who’s better.

  • sour grapes??? sorry but we didnt need to beat u…u needed to beat us….a draw sees 4th place in our hands not yours… ” we will show u next season” quotes i thought that was what us spurs fans usually say? how times have changed…its good to see gooners squirmning to the mighty yids YID ARMY!

  • if only things like that actually happened between the managers! would make all of football better!

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