Date: 20th March 2007 at 10:04am
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William Gallas claims that winning is everything, even if the price is our pretty football.

Arsene Wenger has never deviated from his philosophies regarding the style of football his team plays, he has, and will always maintain that he and he players have a responsibility to the fans to entertain.

William Gallas has spoken out, not in defiance of Arsene Wenger, but truthfully and honestly about how he feels as a player.

He wants to win.

‘To play pretty football is good for fans to watch. However, I’m sorry, I prefer to hear ‘Well done, you won’ than when someone says ‘You were unlucky, you played well’. said Billy

‘Winning is everything. You have to win.’

Both philosophies have their merits and indeed their downfalls, and what we need to find is a happy medium, a balance between the two.

However what is clear, is that the attitudes of manager and player is something that can not be questioned.

They are both winners.


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  • Yeah, winning IS everything, and I like Gallas’ attitude for the desire. But Arsene has shown that you can win pretty, and do so consistently. To be honest, I like Gallas, but pls give me Wenger any day of the week for his footbalistic (I just HAD to use that word and Wenger in the same sentence) philosophy :).

  • If arsenal win playing well its great & if they win playing badly its still great. I don’t see anything great about losing whether you are unlucky or not. Maybe because I was brought up following arsenal under George Graham I don’t care as much as newer fans about the style of football. The truth is though arsenal as a club will be in trouble after next season if we don’t win a major trophy because the likes of Cesc, Gallas, Henry & RVP to name just a few will want out. You can tell from Cesc’s recent press comments that he is already fed up with losing & it’s not something top players want to do on a regular basis.

  • Personally, I’m getting fed up with Gallas’ ***** and he can ***** off back to Chelski or go to Serie A for all I care. He constantly bags other players with out taking any responsiblity for the fact that apart from 7 or so games at the start of the season he has done ***** All! I also think people bagging Wengers defensive changes in the last few matches should look no further than Gallas for the problem. Do you honestly think if Gallas was willing to play at LB and hadnt brought his Chelsea baggage to the Arsenal then we wouldnt have picked him there and not moved 3 players into unfamiliar positions. Hoyte/RB, Toure and Gilberto/CB’s, Gallas/LB makes much more sense than what we lined up with at Everton. He may have a winning mentality but personally i’d call it a bad attitude. Son, you are far from perfect and ‘let he who is without sin throw the first stone’, so shut up or ***** Off. At this tough stage of the season we need union not decent.

  • I’m all for the pretty stuff, but let’s secure a lead first by scrappy, ugly, own goals, deflections, using whatever it takes type mentallity. As soon as we get a good enough lead, we can p*** around with the ball to our hearts content.

  • AG Cesc wouldnt be doing much better for himself at Barca at the moment anyway so i think your being a bit fatalistic. Henry wont leave unless Wenger sells him and i believe RVP will lead the Arsenal strike force for years to come, i mean i havent even heard any rumors people are intersted in him so i think your getting ahead of yourself.

  • Gallas hasn’t refused to play left back, Wenger wants experience in the centre and Gallas is the best centre back we have, he’s one of the best centre backs anyone has anywhere in the world. Don’t take the media *****e too much to heart, he’s said he wamts to win, so what?! I’m sure Wenger shraes the same philosophy, but he knows we can win playing the good stuff, that’s how we play best. There’s no disagreement here, Gallas wants to win games. Why that would inspire any controversy is alien to me.

  • Sorry LD mate dont agree with you there. Him and Toure are equally good at CB and this season Toure has been by far the better, Gallas (when playing) hasnt been a shadow of his former self. I also dont think its buying into press *****e as i havent read anything in the press saying that it is just my opinion. That above line up at the back makes a lot more sense than the one Wenger put out.

  • I wouldn’t be as harsh about it, but I know what you’re saying Oz. I do rate Gallas and Toure very highly, but due to the lack of height, I can’t see how playing them together at centre back is going to work. I know we’re slaughtered already on set pieces, but I can’t see that changing much, with two relatively short guys at CB. This is why I said yesterday, that my back 4 would be Clichy, Djorou, Toure (No way that I’d ever drop Kolo for Gallas), and Eboue. Gallas could play in any of the fullback positions too, but for our style of play, I think that the endless energy of Clichy and Eboue, gives us more going forward but the stamina and pace to get back if the move breaks down. Saying that I’m currently sat near the bottom of League 2 on LMA so don’t listen to me!

  • I also have no problem with winning ugly when its neccesary, that is not what i’m talking about, just his attitude. Listen to the contrast in his and Gilbertos comments today, the two most senior players currently in the squad. Gilberto is preaching a message of togetherness, Gallas is out blaming everyone but himself and has been for two weeks now. If he doesnt want to play for the Arsenal he can ***** off, give Djourou a run in the side he is the future.

  • I think it goes back to what was said on a previous post. Whilst you are great to watch and even as a Spurs fan I?ll admit that, you never adequately replaced Viera and with him lost the ability to win ugly. All great football teams occasionally need to put in an ugly yet winning performance, but irrespective of you play in the middle of defence, you lack that leader in midfield who can pull a team up by its bootstraps .. for a while Gilberto seemed to be that player but he now seems more of a lieutenant than a captain. And that?s not a criticism of Fabregas, Diaby and Denilson either. They may mature into that type of player but at the moment you lack him. And unfortunately Wenger can only influence so much ..

  • I can?t see anywhere that Gallas is being anti Arsenal. He is observing that the team is sometimes too creative for its own good, a label which has befallen others before. After all it has often been said that Henry looks for the great goal rather than the simple tap in. All he?s saying is that to succeed you require both.

  • And i agree S_H, I’m just saying he should focus on his own performances which have been far from perfect before he criticices those playing further up the field. He has not done enough this season to criticise others as much as he has in the last few weeks, and my point was if he is already bringing his Chelsea attitude here then i wont care in the slightest if he goes, Djourou could do with the games and will be the long term player there anyways, so if he doesnt want to play for us leave, i dont care.

  • Ozi, Are Barca not top of the spanish league?? Yeah they went out of europe but I believe they are still in their domestic cup. I am not saying all these players will leave, but I gurantee if arsenal don’t win a major trophy next season some of those players will be off. In Henry’s case he may not have alot of choice because of his age (he will be 31) so top, top clubs may not want him but Cesc, RVP (if he has a good season) & Gallas would get offers, as would others…………Re: Gallas, I think you are being harsh. He has said so many times that he didn’t want to play left back at chelski & that was the major reason he didn’t want to stay there. To join arsenal & then be asked to play in the position you had already clearly stated you didn’t want is a bit much, especially as he is a major improvement on our other choices at CB (Kolo aside).

  • If Gallas had been asked to play left back permenantly then he mave have a beef, but you honestly think he’s that unreasonable to fill in until Clichy comes back? Do you think that Arsene Wenger, who doesn’t let the board of directors tell him what to do will have Gallas dictating what position he will play? I doubt it very much.

  • I think firstly, his phrasology has been twisted by the press. His raucous celebration at Villa said as much. He’s come here with a reputation as a troublemaker and people are too prepared to believe that. Above, he’s not blaming the team over himself, he’s making a comment. To say he hasn’t been a shadow of his former self is a comment I find starnge, I honestly do not think he has been anything other than superb in every game bar Blackburn at home- his first game for three months. You know I am a big Toure fan, but Gallas has experience and leadership. If you want an indication of his quality, try and think of how many times Gallas has to make a last ditch slide tackle- never, because his positioning is faultless, that’s why his disciplinary record is so flawless. You metion Gilberto’s comments, do you not find it coincidental that Gilberto and Gallas- our two most experienced players- always come out on the same day with comments? Gilberto is a fatherly figure, so his comments are always paternal and reassuring. Gallas’s are always cajoling and provocative, both are meant to inspire the youngsters in different ways, and not without some direction from the club. Henry is usually the one who comes out with the harsh words, but he’s injured at the moment, so Gallas assumes that mantle. Don’t underestimate how clever AW is with media manipulation to inspire confidence and hunger in his players. Wenger uses the carrot AND the stick in conjunction with each other, because he knows that mix is needed. Ironically, that is the same with the team.

  • Also Gallas did not complain about having to play left back, he was unhappy because Mourinho made it his permanent position in the team to accomodate Carvalho. His beef was that he didn’t mind filling in, but he didn’t want to play there permanently, much the same as Flamini. Honestly, take what the press say with a pinch of salt and read the words not the headlines.

  • LD again i wasn’t buying the press crap i’m stating my opinion that it would have made more sense to play Gallas at LB so only Gilberto had to move into an uncomfortable position. This could be Wenger or could be due to some complaint of Gallas, the former may be more likely but neither of us can be sure, also his attitude about playing LB at Chelsea may influence Wengers decision not to play him there so his baggage still comes to the club. And saying he has done nothing wrong is *****e, he was by far the worst player on the field in the first PSV match, his positioning and tackling were awful, so bad that Senderos had to grab the ball with his hands when he went forward and failed to even make an effort to come back and help.

  • I think it’s quite simple… the Boss wanted to give Diaby (and late on Denilson) a chance to show their stuff in the midfield. Gilberto is a known quantity in the MF. He’s solid if unspectacular, but the others just might be spectacular. Given where we are in our season, its the right move to make. Determine whether Diaby is ready to start next year. At the same time, with Eboue and Clichy out, he needed someone who can storm forward from the back positions, and Kolo was a logical choice. Gallas proved in his first game back he’s not too good at pushing forward from Right Back. But he’s a stellar Center Back, so the team selection made perfect sense.


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