Date: 23rd August 2006 at 10:58am
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Arsene Wenger has given a clear indication that he would be willing to use Chelsea’s desire to own Ashley Cole to win the signature of centre back William Gallas.

Wenger is usually very secretive over his transfer dealings and even though he claimed in his latest statement that he wants to keep everything hush hush, he has given more away regarding this transfer than he has over the past 2 years.

In an interview with, Le Boss made this sensational comment.

‘He is a player we have a chance to get. He wants to leave Chelsea and Ashley Cole wants to leave us.”

He also spoke about his offer to Chelsea,

“I have made an offer for [Gallas] and that is how far as we are,”

“We have not spoken to the player yet and you need to agree personal terms. We have a salary cap here and he comes from a club with no salary cap.

“I don`t know if it is possible to agree personal terms and agree with Chelsea. But I will not come out with our negotiations. At the moment I feel we have to keep that story as quiet as possible and see what comes out of it.”

Eariler this summer Arsene Wenger said that if he could find a central defender who could play left back also, then he would be in business. Well it appears he could have gone one better.

“He is a good defender,” said Wenger. “He can play right back, left back and centre back. We want the player because we made an offer for him. That is clear.

The possibility that AW is also negotiating transfer with other un-named players was also made apparent.

“But he is not the only player we are likely to get, as you know there is always a lot happening in the last few days [before the transfer window shuts]. However he is a player we have a chance to get. He wants to leave Chelsea and Ashley Cole wants to leave us.”

Exciting times at Ashburton Grove.


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  • I was just about to post the same thing MB!! I’m praying this swap goes through, not only because Gallas is a fantastic player, but also to put an end to this extremely ugly and dull affair.

  • Definitely, it’s dragged on all summer. I can’t even remember why he’s got the hump! He had an illegal meeting with Chelsea and for some reason, our chairman is to blame!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the back of him. He’s the best left back in the world but you should never keep a player against his will.

    I still doubt that Mourinho would let us have Gallas in exchange though. Although he usually overspends on players (usually by about £10 million) he doesn’t seem to be doing Arsenal any favours this summer!

    If Cole was at any other team, say Newcastle, he would have snapped Cole up for £25 million in June!!!!

  • I hope we get Gallas but dont think it will happen, because wenger is going on about salary caps etc. We are getting Gallas on the cheap, try buying a defender of that quality for £5mill and you will get a shock as Chelsea are finding out. The other point i wanted to make was that i presume this salary cap is selective? ie Monsieur Henry!!!!!! and what about Sol when he graced our team.Anybody any thoughts?

  • The salary cap probably depends on the calibre of the player. You basically get paid what you are worth. When Sol joined we needed him, Adams was gone and we needed a quality centre back. Sol came on a free as well so there was more money for his salary. With King Henry, there can’t be a salary cap, how do you put a cap on such quality? Hope we get Gallas, seriously. We need an experienced defender to partner Kolo, Senderos is good but I’m not convinced he’s ready to be a regular just yet. Gallas would be ideal. We managed without Ashley Cole last season, we’ll go one better and win the thing without him this season.

  • If what you’re both saying was right then there is no salary cap. It’s called a cap for a reason, you can’t just pick and choose who will come under this cap and who doesn’t. I think the salary cap Wenger is talking about is as a collective ie; he has a set budget to pay all his players. A bit like in rugby league where as clubs can only pay 50% of what they earn on wages, the could pay one play 1 million quid and then everybody else has to be on lower wages. However, with the departure of Pires, Campbell, Cole (possibly) and Bergkamp, that should have free’d up some cash. Ok so Henry will have taken up a lot of that money but there still should be sufficent funds to pay a player of Gallas’ quality.

  • I agree with all that you say Keplaz, but still think the deal for Gallas should not fall down over him having to take a pay cut, what we save on the fee for him we can pay him his 70k

  • wenger said “we have a salary cap and we can make an exception for one player but not for five or six”. He was talking about Henry but saying Gallas would have to fall in line with the others. I think wenger would like gallas but he is not going to break his neck to get him, he has other options. also chelsea would rather accept £4m from AC than £6m from us.

  • Bring it on! this whole sorry saga is very unsettling for the club and players during what is to be a historic first season in our new stadium…the sooner its over the better

  • I think AW and DD have handles this thing brilliantly, it’s a no brainer that if Chelski are getting one of our players we should get one of theirs to replace him. I think with Chelsea signing that Dutch defender, Gallas is definitely on the way out and I’m sure the likes of Henry and Wenger can sway him sufficiently so that a slight drop in wages won’t be an issue.

  • I personally think Gallas will go to Milan, he said right at the beginning he wants to try a new championship. Besides that Gallas will strengthen you more than Cole will us so I really can’t seeus doing a swap, I give it one more week till we either strike a deal or buy someone else.

  • there has to come a time when wenger and dein get fed up with dealing with chelsea and just go and buy someone else like Davies. gallas to milan and cole to stay at Arsenal…leaves chelsea very short at the back.

  • what’s happening with the wee ghanian that was on trial, he looks a good player from what i can remember from the world cup. If any signings are gonna happen you would expect them to start as soon as the arsenal are safely through to the champions league proper.

  • Which pay cut are you talking about. Gallas is paid I think 40 or 45K. He has only now been offered 70K. If he stays and signs a new deal, that’s when they start to pay him 70K. I think we can afford to pay him a resonable salary. Definately more than 40K.

  • I would only want gallas for his playing capabilitys but wether he will be a good replacment for ash ? time will tell

  • I feel this thing has dragged on for too long! Each team should let each player go the way they want to. That’s good for football.

  • Since Gallas is valued at so much less than Cole, Chel$ki can afford to sit on him for as long as they want. Cole’s value, however, makes him a much more valuable commodity, thus heightening the urgency that he get moved. Here’s hoping this thing drags on all season. The papers will have so much fun with it, too.

  • One of the reasons Gallas wants out is that he had to play a range of positions last year. He only wants to play center back, so why is Wenger going on about his flexibility? If Gallas goes this season there is no way he is going to Arsenal!

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