Date: 9th December 2016 at 11:43am
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Arsene Wenger has once again been grilled about the Arsenal futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

This comes fresh from the most recent claims that Ozil is demanding anything up to £384,000 a week to stay and Alexis has courted attention from rivals Chelsea.

Whatever the situation with their contracts Wenger doesn’t feel the commitment they’ve show to the club on the field this season can be questioned.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of Stoke on Saturday he’s quoted by as saying.

‘They have been hugely important. You can talk a lot in the press conference but the most important thing is what the players do on the pitch. The commitment of Alexis and Ozil is absolutely totally for the team`s benefit and I`m very pleased with that. We are professional football people and people forget many times that the first quality of a professional guy is to give absolutely 100 per cent as long as he is somewhere, and not to project yourself on two years. It`s here and now, that`s what it means to be professional – here and now I`m fully committed to the cause and that`s what it`s about.’

When quizzed about their long-term futures he added.

‘It depends what you call the long term. Eighteen months [left on their contracts] is quite long in football.’

He reiterated thoughts on both being fully committed to Arsenal when stating Ozil and Alexis will remain with the Gunners for the next 18-months at least.

Wenger doesn’t feel constantly talking about their contract situation will speed up the process with the boss basically saying he’s had enough of spending his time pre and post-match talking about this topic.

‘They have 18 months left on their contracts and they are completely committed to doing well as long as they are here. Beyond that, we`ll try to extend their contracts but I cannot make that the subject in every press conference because it`s a normal part of every renewal when you renegotiate. The less you talk about it, the better it is.’

I’m not convinced by claims of how much Ozil is ‘demanding’ but this isn’t an amount any footballer should be paid by Arsenal or anyone else.

However, Wenger concluded by commenting on reports of Alexis being offered £400,000 a week to play in China. This is a wage the boss believes could be on the table but doesn’t see why he would swap England for the Chinese Super League.

‘I believe it, yes, why not? But why should you go to China when you`re playing in England today?’

Alexis would have £1.6m reasons a month to do this if the Chilean was motivated by money wouldn’t he!

Well, there we have it the latest instalment of the contract weekly is covered – same time next week I suppose….

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