Date: 13th May 2016 at 1:17pm
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Some very tepid rumours have been circulating that Arsene Wenger has been offered a two year contract extension but the Frenchman has moved quickly to dismiss it as nonsense.

Wenger is currently under the most intense scrutiny of his entire Arsenal career and appears to have split the fans right down the middle as to whether he should stay or go, so offering him a contract extension right now would only serve to stoke the fires of the “Wenger Out” camp.

So Le Boss extinguished the flames before it spread like wildfire.

He said

“That`s completely wrong. I don`t know where this information comes from. You can treat that as just an invention and no more. It`s absolutely false. I would like the press to check this information with myself or the club before they give it out. We both would have denied it.”

“I think about the next game. At my stage you want to do well. I`m committed with integrity and commitment, full commitment to the club as long as I`m under contract, but at the moment that`s all.’

“What I focus on is respecting my contract and then envisage what I will do afterwards. I can understand people are interested in that, but that is not the most important thing. I extended my contract in a period that was vital for the club and after that i will see where I am personally and where the club stands at the end of my contract.”

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