Date: 14th November 2006 at 2:43pm
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Le Boss says that the true title contenders will emerge in the next 3-4 weeks. Many people had already written Arsenal out of the title race when we drew our opening 2 games and lost our third. An amazing vein of form followed, including a victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford. The Young Guns gave us all an insight in to what we can expect in the future and we were all of a sudden back in the title race.

A 1-1 draw at home with Everton and a 0-1 loss away to West Ham and we were all of a sudden out of the title race again. Now, after a 3-0 thumping of Liverpool at home we are once again back in the title race.

The next month sees Chelsea travel to Manchester United and Arsenal visit the blue half of Fulham. Le Boss says that the title contenders will emerge from this, although he is still refusing to write off Liverpool: “At the moment Manchester United have a particular advantage.

“But Chelsea have had some impressive scores recently. With the goal difference between the teams it is very tight and it is very, very early as well.

“In a few weeks we will know more. Chelsea play Manchester United and afterwards we play against Chelsea.

“There are Champions League games in between as well. Once that little marathon is over, the ones who survive this period will be No 1.”

Well monsieur Wenger, lets get our skates on and do to Chelsea what we have done to United and Liverpool.


21 Replies to “Wenger – December Is Crucial”

  • i have to agree with le boss, he is afterall a wise man.. i reckon a draw between those 2 and we beat chelsea will see a big change, but it is also the games after that. cech is a big loss and away from home during winter months will show for chelsea just how much he was worth for keeping the clean sheet when your players can’t hit the back of the net..

    i think arsenal are growing at home and with players coming back, we are gonna improve on our form even more.

  • I think he meant that December was crucial ‘cos without it our kids wouldn’t get any Christmas presents and January would be upon us too quickly.

  • It makes me laugh when manager’s say that any particular month is crucial. As you have said, there are plenty of points to play for every month. Let’s face it, if you win every game in December and go top of the table and the lose every game in January you aren’t going to win the league.

  • yeah but hatespur, things start to shape up from december, and the team tat has the momentum going into the new year usually has the advantage, think of it, if arsenal dun drop any points in dec-jan period, and united and chelsea do, and if we are champions come may, we will remember this period as the crucial time in our title win..

  • I think his point is more that the top teams play each other now. The champions always go to their rivals and get points, if you look at all the prem champions, their season’s are always shaped by big wins over their rivals. e.g 2004, we beat Chelsea twice and they finished 12 points back, but had the results been reversed……we still would have done them on goal difference!!!

  • AW is not saying that every month doesn’t count. He said that the next month is crusial because it is the period the big three on top of the league meet.

  • yeh but i had this thought LD, the last two years, united have won almost all matches against the big teams, and dropped points against the smaller teams, i just hope that doesen’t happen with us..

  • Oh and p.s Simmy, well I’ve got more competition now so I’m raising the stakes. Keeeeeown, there’s only one Keown. 🙂

  • lol, anyway I hope the season iin’t decided next month, if it is we got 10 points to climb ignoring the game in hand but lookng at the teams we have beaten its not too hard.

  • its interesting trying to read between the lines. does he think that ManU have peaked early – ‘At the moment Manchester United have a particular advantage’? coz i dont think that they can keep up this momentum for much longer.
    and does he think chelsea are the bigger threat?
    I think we are shaping up nicely though, and if we can build a nice unbeaten run of about 6-8 games, things will look even better.

  • I think he is saying that United have bigger tests to come, he is too respectful to say that they have peaked already.

  • we will know by quarter to five on january the 20th if we are to be champions or not,win that game and it will be in the bag.

  • hi ppl.. i think what wenger intended to say was that the big 3 are in action next month and that may act title decider.. if chelsea can defeat united and arsenal can defeat chelsea.. we’ll be there.. and on 20 jan.. at the emirates.. if arsenal manage to win.. we’ll be right on the top pf it all.. i have no doubt we can defeat the big teams.. my doubt and concern remains how we score the first goal against team that play 11 men behind the ball..

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