Date: 5th March 2007 at 1:12pm
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Arsene Wenger has admitted that he may have to play an unfit Thierry Henry on Wednesday as he tries to overturn a 1-0 deficit against PSV in the Champions League.

Henry is currently suffering from an ankle injury and is rated as 50:50 for the crunch match on Wednesday. However, Arsene has admitted that even if Thierry isn`t 100% he may still have to play.

Speaking to Sky Sports Arsene said: ‘A big question mark is Thierry Henry, but he is 50-50 and really not more.

‘First of all it’s important to know can he play if he is not being 100 per cent.

‘Then we will see if we can put him in the squad. I will do it anyway.

‘If he can run and play, of course, I will do it.

‘At the moment it’s very early to say if he is capable to do that.’


28 Replies to “Wenger Could Take Henry Risk”

  • not a smart move in my opinion. We have enough quality to beat PSV without TiTi. We have seen already this season that we have played very well, if not better when he hasnt been in the team. Stick faith with Walcott and Baptista/Ade

  • You’ve taken the words right out of me D4NNYT :). Surely arsenal sans henry can beat PSV at the emirates !! Rest the man, and make sure he is fit for the next round of CL games.

  • I’d say have him on the bench, bring him on with 25/30 minutes to go and use his pace.

  • which is what arsene will do surely. henry wont be in a position to last more than 20-25 mins anyway. i guess the comfort of having him as backup on the bench might calm the nerves on the field.

  • There wouldn’t be much point in saving him for the next round if we’re not going to be there! we don’t know how fit he is but if he’s not 100% then it’s not a good idea to start him IMO.

  • I’m always worried by shows of desperation as it sends out the wrong message. I guess pragmatically though it might make sense to have him on the bench…but please – big-up the ‘2nd string’ attackers first though, because they can kill off PSV! Go Ade! Go Beast! Go Walcott, and yes you too Jeremie! Get in there and pillage them!!!
    (Nice board and articles btw, thanks guys)

  • My prediction: Thierry will start upfront alongside Ade; go for as long as he can; then be substituted by Baptista. Starting lineup — Jens; Hoyte (if fit?) else Djourou, Kolo, Gallas, Clichy; Hleb, Cesc, Gilberto, Diaby; TH14, Ade.

  • I would possibly have him on the bench, but to be honest, I wouldn’t bother taking a huge risk with him. If he just performs like he did at Fulham and at PSV we will practically be playing with ten men. This team has shown it is not completely and utterly reliant on Henry anymore, don’t play him unless he’s 100% fit.

  • Have to agree with all you guys…we have enough quality to not have to play an unfit henry why risk further aggravating his injury.

  • I slightly disagree with most of you. Depending on quite how fit he is, if we start with him and start well, then grab a couple of goals it means that if he does need to come off then he can be replaced. I think this makes much more sense than sticking him on with 20-30 mins left and him making no impact or having to come back off due to injury

  • Its really not as easy as though is it scooch, when teams park their bus, its not exactly easy to break down, especially when our players arn’t as clynical as they need to be. You have seen earlier in the season that we struggled to get draws against teams who park their bus.

  • I don’t really think he should take the risk, its not like he has put the effort in when he was fit anyway. I would go with Aliadere and Adebayor. Baptista would waste too many chances and in this game we cannot afford to do that. But I would be happy to eat humble pie if he scores a few 😛

  • My point was that if AW is gonna play Titi (which I’m quite sure he will) it makes more sense to gauge him from the start of the match than 20 mins from the end when he comes off the bench.

  • Trying to break down a compact defence is tough as nuts. It’s gonna be even harder with a 1-0 deficit. I hope we’ve got our shooting boots on tomorrow as the odds are, the first goal will need to come from outside the box, and with a keeper like Gomez to beat that isn’t gonna be easy. I’m with you on the selection Firebrand. Aliadiere for his finishing and Adebayor because he’s a downright nuisance and if our neat play doesn’t work then he’s the kind of man to score, create or force a scruffy kind of goal! If Henry is fit and he plays, then I hope that he displays one of his Adebayor-esque performances, chasing every lost cause, getting his foot in and driving the team forward with his desire to win! If he does that, then I foresee a night like Leverkussen! If not, we’re in trouble.

  • let’s not forget what he is capable of injured or not injured. 1 moment of brilliance and he can decide a game. He can be anonymous for 88 mins and he can score a blinder out of nowhere. I would not start him though, maybe put him in at 1-0 for the psychological effect as well. Beast, Ade and Theo to start! Toure Gallas, Clichy and Eboue at the back + Cesc, Berto, Theo and Hleb in MF. Ade and beast up front. A makeshift 4-4-2 into 4-3-3 with Theo popping up on both wings. Ade and the beast are big and strong surely could connect on a few decent crosses from Eboue, Clichy and Theo. Just leave your heart on the field Arsenal!

  • don’t think Theo is ready for a big game like this, and I would be suprised if Wenger does start with him wether its on the wings or as a striker. Would rather have hm on the bench and bring him on as a sub maybe. Ali would be much more effective on the wings than Theo.

  • Ade and the Beast to start, with Ali and Theo on for the last 30 when PSV start to tire after an hour of all out gunner assault battery, If Henry does start and its apparent that it is’nt working for whatever reason (match fitness/injury) Wenger has to be brave and do the right thing in subbing him.

  • let’s not forget that AW could be bluffing as well. Maybe Titi is fit, could be a case of mind games with PSV.

  • TiTi needs to be playing. w/o rvp & titi i don’t think we will be able to do it. Walcott , ali & beast aren’t good enough yet for me.

  • Wasn’t there some talk about giving him an injection to stop the pain of bruised bones in his foot? As G4L says, TH14 can turn a game even if he isn’t switched on, but I’mnot sure that we should be relying on a half-injured superstar for games like these. I would go Ade & Beast becuase its the best we have, or even Aliadiere & Beast because they gelled well in the Carling cup.

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