Date: 16th August 2007 at 3:04am
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Before Wenger’s red and white army took to the pitch to clinch a vital 2-0 first leg advantage in the third round Champions League qualifier, the Arsenal gaffer revealed that he’s only a matter of days away from signing a new contract with the Gunners.

Many had speculated that Wenger would leave Arsenal after over ten years at the helm when his current contract expires next summer. However the Arsenal boss believes he is building something exciting in North London, and will see his new project through to the end.

While no official quotes have appeared on the interweb this evening, I can reveal that in an interview with Setanta sports channel Le Boss spoke of his pride for his young team, and when pressed on the subject of whether he would sign his new contract he stated ‘Soon’. He then went on to quip that the English language meant the word ‘soon’ could be days, weeks or even months, however on this ocasion he says an announcement will be made in a matter of days.

Great start to the season, Man Utd & Spurs spluttering away, and now Arsene Wenger to commit his future to our club.

Happy Days!


20 Replies to “Wenger Contract To Be Signed ‘Soon’”

  • Beautiful, just what we need to keep the spirit in the team at the moment going! To be honest i never doubted it but thought he might wait a while to use his signing on as a boost to the team around December when the fixtures come fast and we have some tough games but this should shut the press up when it goes through. Crisis, what crisis?

  • Did anyone else see the Warner **** up in their game against Bolton, it would definetly rival Lehmann’s for incredible ‘keeper **** up of the season. Why did he have to play so well against us?

  • Good news though it has been expected for the past few weeks. He did say that it would be signed before August in an earlier interview, so a matter of days indeed.

  • Arsene please do us a big favor and sign it as soon as you say you will (in a matter of days that is)

  • Excellent news, plus lastnights victory, andSpuds are bottom, anD I’ve just read that Buggerov is out for two weeks – the start of the season just gets better and better!

  • i actually want buggerov to stay fit as well as most of their players so there are no excuses… he(buggerov) is playing a bit like henry did last season sulky and disinterested.

  • even better news…they’re on the bbc speculating berb will be out for 6 weeks as he needs an op and Jabba the Jol has had a ‘little chat’ with Levy about the poor start….champions League? …theyre having a laugh!

  • This is all great, Im glad hes staying….
    But we need to get TAdams in to the back room staff ASAP, For when the unthinkable happens, and AW marches off in to the sunset. Pat Rice is arsenal through and through, but I dont think he will command and get enough repect from the players, And adams would…. I hope AW signs a ten year contract, But I wouldnt be suprised if its a year-by-year rolling contract, Id hate to see us go the way of the spuds… And wenger leaving without a good enough replacment would bring that I fear.

  • Wenger will ensure there is a smooth transition when he leaves, and in any case, we dont have to worry about that for another 2-3 years, hopefully.

  • I think it will be a 3 year contract and then he will hand over to his successor. Either way, it’s great news for us that he will sign a contract shortly. So where have all the gobby yids gone? Wengers leaving, we’re finishing higher than you, No hope without Henry etc blah yadda…… all quiet on the lillywhite front.

  • Actually it’s louder than it’s ever been…alas they’re turning on each other debating the merits of Jol and Jenas. Never understood the talk of Wenger leaving…this is the youngest and arguably the most skillful squad he’s ever built, he has as much control at Arsenal as any manager on planet earth including Sir Alex at Man U, he’s in a new stadium with extra cash pouring in, and the Arsenal Academy will soon be showing it’s first fruits with a bevy of young English starlets. And Wenger’s gonna walk away from that? Why? To go where? Where else is he gonna where he can have this much control, have the team board show enough patience in him where we can go a few years without a trophy while he completely rebuilds a side with youth? People need to quit listening to the nonsensical bull***** the media keeps churning out and use their own brain.

  • Good news… I think it’s been staring us in the face anyway – Arsene didn’t spend years here to walk out in disarray – its just not his style. One day he will leave, and whether it’s tomorrow or in 10 years time, there is no doubt he will do it with quiet dignity, and leave everything in a better condition than he found it.

  • getting wenger signed up is a better signing than any player could ever be! he’s more important to you than henry ever was

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