Date: 2nd January 2010 at 11:51am
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It’s been a while since Arsenal got close enough in the title race to warrant getting involved in some mind games, but the recent sparring between Wenger and Ancelotti is living proof that we’re back on the map.

The latest round in this current scrap came about as Arsene was asked what his thoughts were after Chelsea effectively had their debts wiped out by their Russian Sugar Daddy. Of course the Chelsea fans are unable to realise that this isn’t Wenger just spouting out any old clap trap he sees fit, rather than someone answering a question posed to him as honestly as he can.

Wenger gave his honest opinions on the subject. “Well, you know we are in a period of magicians. Professional football is about winning and balancing the budget, that`s the basic rule, one I fought for. All the rest is half-cheating. For every club it has to be the same. I always pleaded for financial fair play.’

“The clubs belong to the fans. That`s all I feel my responsibility is, to keep the club in good financial condition.”

Of course there has been uproar in the Blue part of London, accusations of jealousy, sour grapes and general voyeurism, but Arsene is doing two things here……..

1) He’s talking sense. Football clubs should be self sustaining, they should reap what they sow and success should come on the back of hard work rather than the dodgy dealings of some shifty oil Barron.

2) Getting under Chelsea’s skin. To win a league title you need to have a great squad, a brilliant manager, and a bit of luck, so it’s important to grab as much advantage as you can, and if that means winding up the opposition then so be it.

I personally feel we’ll still come up a little bit short in the race for the Premier League, but by the reaction of the Chelsea fans over the past few weeks (especially the ones who claimed that even if Chelsea did slip up we wouldn’t be the ones to benefit from it) they are certainly starting to worry about us …. just check the comments section in a few hours for confirmation 😉