Date: 22nd January 2008 at 9:25pm
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Ed’s note: I did have this prepared for the final whistle in case of defeat, but it’s safe to say I can publish it now.

Well, the run is over. Most expected it, but that’s not to say it doesn’t hurt a little bit.

We’ll all probably take a bit of stick over the next few days, that’s to be expected, but while it may smart a little bit, we all know that it will be a little bit hollow.

There’s no doubt that Spurs deserved their spot in the final, I’m big enough to admit that, we were trounced over the two matches, I also won’t begrudge the Tottenham fans their half hour of gloating, hell, they deserve it. Spurs have been tormented by Arsenal over the years, even on the odd occassion that they should have won, they didn’t. I meet a lot of Tottenham fans who are horrible vile people (that disgusting old chant was heard again tonight), but then again, we have our own idiots who claim to be Arsenal fans, but I know people who are supporters of the dark side, people who are very close friends, I’ve met Spurs fans on this network who are really top people, and I guess, if I dig deep enough, I can afford them a smile.

Their long wait is finally over, no matter what competition it came in.

Well done Tottenham, you more than deserved it.

I wonder when the dvd will be out?