Date: 14th April 2007 at 1:01am
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This is a short but sweet post from the forum made by Phantom of the Grove. I decided to front page it because I consider this issue very interesting and would like to hear the views of a wider range of people.


‘We love you Freddie, because you got red hair
We love you Freddie, because you’re everywhere’

We love you Freddie, a chant which saw Freddie carry out the better days of his career at Arsenal and a chant which most Gooners sing till this day (but most probably with a very liberal abandon). But the fact remains, above all else, poor old Freddie’s bald now; no red hair. And it is true, he is everywhere, but it doesn’t amount to much as he’s only managed to put the ball in the net 5 times in all competitions this year and last year combined + world cup, nor is he much at getting the ball past defenders.

Now what do you guys say, will/should Freddie remain an arsenal player next year?

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16 Replies to “We Love You Freddie………?”

  • I think the picture for the article is a good representation of what FL8 now brings to the team. The good times were great, but the bad times are quite cringworthy.

  • His experience is valuable but i’m not sure he should be a starter….if he does stay then he should take a pay cut as well.

  • I think you all know my feelings about this one! Fact is, you can’t keep someone just because of experience, otherwise we might as well resign Tony Adams. I am certain he won’t be here come August.

  • i love freddie, the memory of him against chelsea in the FA CUP final and the song that was sung that day still sends shivers…. his expereince and fight for the team has led us to alot of glory, yes he is past his best, he will probably go, but for me he certainly is up there with the greats of arsenal and he will be missed and remembered.

  • Keep him; we are laking experience so we can’t just sell him; keep him for now as he should improve along with the rest of the team.

  • I respect him as a player and in the past I rated him but I think it is time for him to leave Arsenal. He can’t keep up with the flow of the game anymore. The young players play a quick game which he can’t keep up. I think he should be sold and a new player brought in who can bring experience and flare. A play similar to Rosiky in that he brings experience but he can keep up with the flow and is still somewhat young.

  • He missed a few chances today as well against Bolton. His work rate is still fantastic, but the end result has dipped a bit in recent times. I still think w should hold on to him for one more season, though he wont be 1st choice starter next season. Still invaluable with his experience and I believe he still has a role to play.

  • he missed some pretty chances today but at the same time, who in our team hasn’t missed or wasted chances this season? once AW substituted him, our attack kind of went limp. we would push through the midfield and then we would get stumped, also, adebayor was drawing back alot more. I’m not ready to conclude wether or not we sell him because he carries invaluable traits: experience and a top class work effort like some of you mentioned. AW should re-evaluate the faith he has in freddie to perform, and consider bringing another player in this summer.

  • Of course we love freddy, he is Arsenal through an through, but it is time for him to move one if we are going to go by Arsene`s previous standards.

  • having just watched MOTD, i thought he was solid, apart from converting his chances, he did give us a good drive in midfield.. he is certainly arsenal through and through.

  • I personally feel that Freddie is past it.. I dont think he will leave though. He played pretty well yesterday though.. but I still think he’s not doing enough to merit a place.. certainly next season when Henry and RvP return.

  • if he can get over his injury problems keep him as 2nd choice right/left midfield – he is great cover, losing him will be as big a mistake as letting lauren go – how we could have used him this year with the injuries to eboue and hoyte

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