Date: 14th November 2006 at 11:59am
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The reason we all hold Highbury dear to our hearts is not because of the old girl herself, but because of all the great memories we have from our time at the Home Of Football.

And the reason we have had trouble feeling at home at Ashburton Grove?

You got it, because we have no memories yet. We have nothing to talk about down the pub, no funny anecdotes of the time you had to go to hospital because you fell down the stairs after one too many, no stories about hugging a complete stranger after Thierry Henry found the winner in the last minute of a game, no tales of the club captain tear arsing through the oppo’s defence to fire a thunderbolt to clinch the league title. That is why it doesn’t feel like home.

But at last we have our first memory.

Ok, so Liverpool aren’t exactly the force they once were, and they have been very poor on the road this season, but beating the red half of Merseyside 3-0 is no mean feat.

I know this is not our first win at Ashburton Grove, and with no disrespect to Sheffield Utd, Porto or Watford, they weren’t exactly the hardest games in the world, but when we play Liverpool there is always the little voice in the back of your head reminding you of Robbie Fowler’s quick fire hat-rick or Micheal Owen ruining our FA Cup glory…..there’s always a chance we’ll get beat.

But Arsene’s men were firing, and Toure and Gallas in particular had fantastic games, each bagging a goal in a tremendous win over the five times European Champions.

So my first great memory from Ashburton Grove will be Kolo Toure ‘doing an Adams’ and maruading through the Scouse defence, latching on to an exquisit van Persie pass and firing the ball home.

Kolo Toure – Memory maker.


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  • i have to agree, and this is my first game i took my little 4yr old aswell, so it serves as a double memory for me. i thought the team looked more comfortable on sunday then they had all season, so its starting, and Henry said come Jan we will know at what level we are to contend with the title, wouldn’t it be fab to bring the title back to a NEW home !

  • Not long to go until you have another great memory at that new beautiful stadium of yours. That will be the site of Aaron Lennon celebrating with the Spurs faitful after he has skinned Gallas and stuck the ball in the top hand corner of the onion bag as we win two nil. Up the Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • good point Mr M. like the angle you come from with that, in time I’m sure you’ll grow to feel at ‘home’ in your rinky dink new stadium.

  • FY – Lennon couldn’t make a difference when you were 1-0 at Reading, you haven’t registered a goal from one of your own players from open play all season and we have the best joint defence in the league, indeed, you haven’t won away from home all season….Now tell me again why you think you’re gunna win?

  • I guess you don’t get to see many Spurs away games down in Folkestone, do they have electricity down there yet?? Just for your guide fella, you are sh!t away and will get hammered at the new Home of Football. Ciao bella.

  • isn’t Lennon injured?

    Lets hope the liverpool game is not another false dawn like the Reading match, which we followed up with 2 draws and a defeat.

  • oh how the spurs scum make me laff ! you should listen to the wise rocky, he knows his facts, only 1 goal away from home which was a penalty. how fickly you sore bunch of losers are, rocky offered you a bet and you ran away with your tail between your legs. if you can’t back your own team, who do you back ? you lot are just like your manager, useless.

  • but hey my fellow gooners, you have to admire these scums for one thing, they have no history, atleast in the last 40 odd years, yet they go into every game and every competition thinking they are going to win, the award for the most naive and ridiculous fans in the world should go to spurs :d..

  • and let them come to the grove in a few weeks time, hopefully after that, we wont have them coming onto our site for a weeks atleast..

  • It was indeed memorable, cuz I bet a $100.US for the Gunners. I watched the game in fear. Losing that kind of money in liberia is a whole lot. But seeing Toure score was something I never thought of. As henry said,it did not matter who took the ball at the back of the net was what took me off my feet. Together Each Achieves More…….

  • Honestly, I think Walcott’s impressive debut for the club in the season opener against Aston Villa could rank as the first great stadium memory. Sure the result wasn’t to our liking (though in restrospect it wasn’t all that bad considering how well Villa’s played this year), but Theo was so cool, calm and collected in his first 20 minutes it was almost eerie. That he provided the cross that led to the tying goal was a hell of a start for him. Then again that’s speaking as a person who isn’t able to attend Arsenal games.

  • Yeah.. he was pretty impressive against villa.. and when wenger handed him his start.. he was very lively during the opening 20 mins.. set up 2 brilliant through balls..
    its not just pace to his gamne.. he is gifted technically as well.. cant wait to see him playing full gmaes in the arsenal red and white..

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