Date: 15th August 2006 at 10:21pm
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It took young Theo just 2 minutes of his England Under 21’s debut to score and break yet another record.

The bunch of England starlets drew 2-2 in a mediocre European Championship qualifier with Moldova.

Theo Walcott became the youngest ever England Under-21 debutant and goalscorer after he converted a Leighton Baines cross within a 120 seconds of the kick off.

The game ended in stalemate but what is of most interest for us Gooners is the fact that Walcott has finally had the chance to play and marked the ocassion with a goal.

Walcott did not have the best of games, but the sheer fact that he has hardly played competitive football of any kind since the turn of the year means he won’t be sharp but can be pleased that the one chance that came his way was dispatched with aplomb.

However shortly after Walcott was subbed in the second half, Sky Sports footage saw the England physio applying an ice pack to the young strikers knee, that said Theo did not look to be in too much discomformt and with any luck the worlds most expensive teenager did not suffer any long lasting injury.

Here’s to a season of more appearances than last!!


17 Replies to “Walcott Scores But Is He Injured?”

  • Congratulations, Theo! In the few times I’ve seen him, he’s looked a far sight more comfortable and dangerous on the right than the left.

  • theo walcott can’t wait for him to play at arsenal. he’ll jus have to make ghosting runs while he recieves through passes from our gifted technical players. his asset is his pace so one through ball and like AW said if he gets by a defender it’ll be pretty difficult for them to catch him. he jus needs match practice and games and i’m sure he’ll get those this season… theo, theo, theo…

  • How do you make Walcott the worlds most expensive teenager? He cost 5 million upfront, the rest is add ons & even then the whole deal is 12 million. Ronaldo & Rooney were both more expensive than that & were both teenagers when they moved to man utd.

  • I also think walcott is better from the right or indeed up front as centre forward. I hope he gets to play where he is best. Hleb can play on the left, but would wenger want to mess about with him?

  • I’m so pleased for Theo, I can’t believe that he has been so widely criticised with the naysayers calling his World Cup “a nightmare!” Eh?! I’m also quite tired of Arsenal fans moaning about him not playing yet, he’s only 17 (he’s better than Robbie Keane) and AW will bleed him in slowly. He did this with Senderos, Clichy, van Persie, Fabregas, Toure, Eboue and it will be the same for Theo, just because he came with a lot of hype doesn’t mean he will be treated any differently. I can’t wait to see what Wenger can do for this kids game.

  • LD- I think arsenal fans are more annoyed that he is not playing at all. Wenger doesnt even seem to be allowing him to play in the reserves & whatever anyone says that cannot be good for his development. I think it was Marwood who was saying last night that walcott was a better player a year ago than he is now & its because he has lost his sense of timing etc. Its a real shame though that he is being made a scapegoat for englands pathetic world cup, seen as he didnt even get on the pitch how could he make a difference & no-one can say he didnt get on because he wasnt great in training, as by rio ferdinands own admission rooney is pathetic in training. He said if you saw him train you wouldnt believe he is the rooney everyone raves about, so that clearly shows you cannot go on training alone. Mclaren is just proving he is a muppet by playing downing, who was awful when he came on in the world cup & still sticking with gerrard & lampard but dressing it up as being different by playing gerrard wide right. All he has actually done is blame beckham & walcott, the bloke is a moron.

  • Anyone see Adabeyors comments in the Sun today. see this link ( I know comments posted in the Sun are to be taken lightly and are more likely to have come from his cleaning lady but I have to say good on him. He’s laid down the law to Reyes. I’m glad we finally have someone in the squad who doesn’t insist on backing up the player (read TH14 on Cashley Cole!).

  • The guy came with a lot of hype and a lot of expectation, so perhaps it is best to shield him a bit. Just having him as an unused sub in all those cl and wc games will give him an understanding of what its all about. Toure didn’t make an Arsenal debut for six months, Eboue, van Persie and Senderos (allowing for the season he spent injures 03/04) waited similar time periods. Cesc only played Carling Cup games at first. When it comes to young players AW is second to none and I trust his judgement implicitly. Expect to see Walcott play Carling Cup games at first and then slowly come into first team reckoning after Xmas. I don’t think we should play him just because the sun newspaper demands it.

  • i agree^^^, he aint playing unless henry,r.v.p,adebayor n reyes get injured, even then i think lupolis got more chnace of playing

  • Little Gouda if Robbie Keane was English Theo would not have been humilated and humilate the Gooners by looking like a total baffoon going to a WC. Robbie would have been number on the sheet.. Irelands top scorer.. and only 25.. If Walnut scores a 1/4 of that number for Lions before he retires I will be surprised.

  • HaHa little dutch these nasty spurs fans are trying to say keane is better than wolcatt but he is only 17 and kean 25 so he has more experince and age so no one will wonder why keane is the main striker for Irealand but remember he is a cheater like he scored at highbury when our players were on ground wolcatt the next TiTI and spurs have never had a player like Titi so ***** u and by the what up in the Uefa cup hahhahahahahaha ***** spurs and ***** its fans ***** off spurs ******* Martin the hairless ****** ***** off

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