Date: 10th December 2006 at 9:12pm
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Theo Walcott has been voted ‘BBC Young sports Personality Of The Year’

The 17 year old won the gong after a whirlwind 12 months which saw him move from Southampton to the mighty Arsenal, selected for the England world cup squad and him finally handed his debut for the Gunners.

Walcott has since become a regular substitute for Arsenal and even though he is yet to bag his first goal in a red and white shirt, his performances have been nothing short of spectacular and has a number of vital assists to his name.

Theo scooped the award after missing out on the same gong to Harry Aikines-Aryeetey just 12 months ago.

Well done Theo.

In the main catergory Zara Phillips won the main award for sports personality of the year. No, seriously, it’s true!! What the fu…. is that all about?!?!?


15 Replies to “Walcott Is Top Youngster”

  • What has he exactly done ? He hardly plays for Arsenal, didnt play for england ? What has he achieved ? Compared to who he ws up its embarrasing

  • How is it embarrasing, he got called up for england at 16! He had his debut and now plays for one of the best clubs in the world.
    He desereves the young award fully.

  • I dont particularly think he deserved it, but then again I can’t think of a young sportsman who does off the top of my head. Theo Walcott was the safe option i guess. well done.

  • personally as much as i am happy for him, i think Rocky even though he may have scored goals, and plenty of kids have in the past without winning this award, you have to say the who media hype around him during the world cup has probably propelled him to this award and maybe a few gooners voting 😉 i think the whole awards is a shame, i mean who the hell had heard of that gymnast, not exactly what i would call personalities, i don’t like the way we award people for limited success, nobody gives me awards and i actually do something ! world titles, european glory, world cups, sure , zara phillips prob got awarded becuase the palace had a say in it 😉 ooh now theres a story !

  • Limited success in who’s eyes PG? Just because you don’t know anything about it doesn’t mean they haven’t been successful. There is life beyond football!

  • ys but rocky, my interpretation of personality, is that they are in the media eye and known with most people, when flintoff won it last year, you may not follow cricket but would be hard pushed not to have heard of him and know what he and the england team achieved. what I mean is that a personality is a character in their sport, you only have to look back, people like Mcenroe, Botham, Frank Bruno, Henry Cooper, Ali and many more.. these people were more than sports people, they had a presence in the media world and were known not only for their acheivements in sport but because of their personality away from sport and how they were in the public forum.

  • In that case Walott was perfect for the award and the decision should not be in doubt. Walcott is known by everyone now, he’s in the papers everyday and certainly knows how to conduct himself and is a perfect role model for all aspiring young footballers. So in one breath you are ‘critisisng’ for want of a better word, the decision to award Walcott this acolade based on the premis that he has falsely rising to fame through the hype of the papers and in the next your saying that an award winner of this type should be well known to the public and know how to conduct him/herself

  • I dont doubt his ability, his proffesionalism, but what has he achieved ? He’s only in tne england u21`s cos he’s not good enough for the first team. has he scored for arsenal or played a whole game ? Will he be doing as well as Fabragas in a years time ? The table tennis guy was playing in the world championships and winning at 16, thats more of an achivement. Repect where respect is due, but its SPORTS personality, not the youngest player in the most popular sport

  • no no rocky you miss my point, i admit yes he is in the public eye, but you rarely see him interveiwed, so how do we know his personality ? for example, if he won Young player of the year, granted yes I would say so, or cesc’s european award. ys he is in the media spotlight, not for his performances for arsenal last season, because he never had a game, but because some swede muppet picked him for england and never played the boy.. was that his fault ? no.. but does that make him a personality ? no aswell.. flintoff and peterson were huge figures in cricket last year, you saw them interviewed, you had a sense of what they were about.. like with David beckham or Alan Shearer , were you know more about them apart from their exploits in their sport.. you know them as a person.. a personality.. i am not knocking Theo, i am knocking the BBC, because i think the awards are not right in their description, if it was the young player of the year award, fair enough, most outstanding performance of the year, etc etc.. but i think it is wrong to call it a personality when at his tender age he has only just started and his presence in the footballing world has not been acheived by him, but by the papers and the hype.

  • how the hell can wayne rooney win the award a few years back,he has the personality of scouse skeleton key,i.e a brick!!

  • I’ve seen Walcott interview many many times since he joined Arsenal. And he always comes across as a very well balanced young man who has his head screwed on and is a great role model for all youngsters. He came in for a lot on unessasary critisism and took it on the chin with not so much as a solitary whinge. That took great character.

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