Date: 20th August 2006 at 12:01pm
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Arsenal fans got their long awaited wish yesterday afternoon as Arsene Wenger saw fit to introduce young Theo Walcott into a game in which the Gunners were losing 1-0, and it proved to be a masterstroke.

Walcott signed for Arsenal in January for a world record fee for a 16 year old (a not for a world record fee for a teenager as I wrongly reported last week) but hadn`t featured for one single minute since then, but after finding the net after only two minutes of his England under 21`s debut last Tuesday, this proved to be a very important week in the career of Theo Walcott.

The young Englishman was welcomed on to the Ashburton pitch yesterday with a standing ovation which seemed to spur the player on rather than wrack him with nerves. Wenger played Walcott and the left flank as a replacement for Freddie Ljungberg and in the short time he was on the pitch, he rocked the Villa defence & the entire stadium.

Everyone knew of this lads pace, but to actually be there to witness how fast he actually is, is a sight to behold. Not only is he fast, but he`s fast with the ball at his feet. He`s also very tricky and not afraid to run at a defender. I believe, as Wenger has already said, he will be a revelation this season.

Le Boss seemed more than pleased with Walcott`s performance.

‘I am happy because we were in a tricky situation when he came on, one-nil down. I know there is a lot expected from him. He played with freshness and straight away he became dangerous on the left flank and he was involved in the goal we scored. I must say that overall when he came on his performance was very positive.’

The emergence of Walcott is not only good news for the Gunners, but for England fans as well.


23 Replies to “Walcott Impresses On His Debut”

  • never mmind in a few years, he can make a difference now. I am not saying he is going to score 20 in his first season, but he can definitely play a role. For the moment I would like to see him given 15-20 mins a game.

  • came on had a very good run out got the ball created a goal … u cant ask for much more then that

  • Made a lot of difference to us, but its still important not to rush him. Personally, I’d have him on the bench wednesday, and if we’re still well clear of Zagreb give him half an hour this time. What I really liked about him was just how much he wanted the ball. This is what set Rooney and Fabregas apart when they first came onto the scene.

  • it is about time that walcott was played, my god what an impact he had, and the set up the he had created was pur brilliance

  • I would like to see us score 1 or 2 early goals against Zagreb and let Theo play the rest of the game.

    PS: couldn’t get a ticket, is it on TV?

  • yeh itv4 730pm. Id like Walcott to start on Wednesday, we have 3 goals advantage so not much of a risk? wot do u think?

  • sounds like a decent idea. Id probably rest thierry and fabregas both of them looked jaded against villar for me. Hleb had minimal impact on approach play but i was impressed with eboue .. once again!!

  • Walcott played really well. But u know who didn’t… Hoyte. This guy was so crap. Eboue was going up and joining the attack everytime the opportunity arised, but Hoyte was completely useless. If we’re selling Cashley, we need a proper left back, and I don’t think we can rely on injury prone Clichy.
    Btw, a proper second striker wouldn’t hurt as well. I would suggest Huntelaar. He’s young, which Wenger likes, and he scored 50+ gols last season in all competitions. How come no one wants this guy?!

  • Adebayor is by far the worst player i’ve seen in an arsenal shirt, hes a post-player but yet i see him on the wings. How many chances does he need to score one goal,wenger should play RVP alongside henry and i dont want to see Adebayor playing again

  • I didnt see that Ade had any chances on Saturday that he clearly should have scored. He had a header (see, he adds something different) brilliantly cleared off the line, and he did really well to round the keeper and if it hadnt been for a great piece defending he’d have scored a beauty. Worst player in an Arsenal shirt?? How short your memory is!!

  • Good shout Rocky, although Ade isnt a striker of prolific quality, he gives us height which is something we are in need of, and hes also a strong physical presence in the box which I’d rather have in the team than not currently! Well done Theo, an impressive display mate!

  • Ade is a great player for us, he certainly gives us another dimension, and he can beat players as well. He was the one who created all the chances on saturday and he’s willing to put himself in the eye of the storm. Anyone who thinks he’s our worst ever player doesn’t remember Hillier, Meade, van Bronckhorst, in fact scrap that, 1980-87.

  • ade still needs time to get used to the prem in my view. remember he’s still only 21/22 and people tend to forget that. last year he had a pretty decent goal rate, and he saved us against the spuds last season, setting up thierry. he’ll never be prolific, but neither was kanu but we all loved him. hell come good in time

  • I totally disagree with “thenry009” comments for Hoyte; firstly if he was not good enough Prof wouldn’t have played him as we had Flamini who replaced him later in the game. And secondly if you had noticed in the game Kolo and Eboue were both going in front quite often so we needed someone to support Djourou at back.

    This lad had just joint the team this season from Sunderland loan spell last year; so give him a chance to prove himself rather than write him off in just two first team appearances this year.

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