Date: 22nd September 2007 at 9:25am
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Tom Watson is a member of parliament for West Bromwich East, and for reason unknown to me, seems to have taken an interest in the potential take over from the more than unwanted Alisher Usmanov.

Mr Watson, on his website, has stated his intentions to discuss the matter further with his colleagues at Westminster.

Tom said ‘I`ve had a fair number of Arsenal fans email me this morning. I`m going to talk to colleagues in Westminster about Mr Usmanov`s bid for Aresenal. I`d be interested to know your views in the comments section of this post.’

So with that in mind, I invite all Gooners with growing concerns about this man and his take over, to leave a comment for Tom on his website Click Here. or email him at

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind anybody wishing to contact Mr Watson to keep your comments and emails to the point, un-offensive and not in anyway defamatory.


47 Replies to “Voice Your Concerns About Usmanov”

  • I shall put my cards down on the table. I’m a Spurs fan. I really DO NOT LIKE Arsenal. I feel that your policy towards frequently playing NO players able to represent England at international level is a disgrace for a team that is based in England – heard all the excuses and they hold as much water as your average sieve. HOWEVER – I’ve written to Mr Watson this morning as I don’t think clubs in the home of football should become a dumping ground for the ill gotten and dubiously acquired gains of reprehensible individuals who have no interest in this country, no interest in our national game and no interest in continuing with the efforts that all clubs make to benefit our society. That may appear nationalistic to some fans not based in the UK and I make no apologies for it. Today it’s you under threat but tomorrow it could be us. First it was Chelsea, though Abramovich seems ok, then ManC where their own is definitely not ok, and now you lot …. does anybody notice a sliding scale here in the decency of the owners? Get behind the PL/FA and get them to declare he’s an unfit person to own a club.

  • Gromit – While you comments regarding our “Englishness” are mis-guided, and indeed blinkered, you a correct about one thing, this can happen to any team. Until football associations and boards around the world start rejecting these people from our clubs, any fool with money can buy into them and do with them what they please. No matter what they have done in the past or how they aquired their money!!

  • The only point I would disagree with Gromit over is Abramovich, he’s is at least a football fan. He’s one of the richest guy’s on the planet, and as such must have business interests all over the world. Yet he’s at every home and most away games, that’s a football fan.

  • Oops! Sorry about that. As I was going to say Rocky7! I’m sure as an Arsenal fan would not like to see some players in your team that represent your country (whichever country that might be)? I cannot understand why someone of the calibre of Wenger cannot unearth a Stephen Gerard, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Micah Richards and so on. Their is something within your club that I don’t quite understand, believe me I’m not having a pop. And I can also understand your defence of your club, but their has to be a reason why this has happened at Arsenal!

  • It hasn’t happened at Arsenal. Infact Arsenal have produced more players to play for England over the last 5 years than United, Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs. Just because they no longer play for us does not mean Wenger has not done his bit to produce English players. The reason they do not play for us anymore (Ashley Cole aside) is that we have happened upon better players. Is it not acceptable to play our best players, rather than inferior English ones? Indeed you own club seems to be adopting our policy, slowly but surely. Bent aside, your transfer dealings of late have seen English players leave and foreign players come in. Difference is, we are now producing more English talent in the youth set ups than any other club.

  • Rocky! The question being asked is why Arsenal can’t find english players good enough to play for Arsenal? Name me these players that Arsenal has produced in the last 5yrs that are playing for England.

  • Ashley Cole, Steve Sidwell, David Bentley, Jermaine Pennant, Mathew Upson……Chelsea have only produced John Terry, Spurs have only produced Ledley King, Liverpool Gerrard, Carra and Own, and Man Utd…well since producing the treble winners there has been no-one. The 90 minute rule is one hinderance to the production of young English talent, especially for clubs in London. But all the while we haven’t produced many English players good enough to play for Arsenal, neither has (hardly) anyone else, but because we have been sucessfully buying foreign players rather than settling for mediocre English ones, jealousy points all the blame in our direction. Even though all the big clubs are as “guilty” in equal measure.

  • First post here:
    What would happen if the FA would not certify Usmanov as “fit and proper”? That would prevent him from taking over the club, am i right? Pardon me, but my knowledge isn’t well versed in the subject of takeovers.

  • Topspur we develop more english players than spurs by a country mile – you guys just have an English buying policy. Take a look through the england underage teams and you’ll see the true picture.

  • Come on guys, lets not digress into the ‘Arsenal does not produce English players’ debate here. This Usmanov threat is far worse and as Gromit points out (rightly), something that could affect any club.

  • i do not care if usmanov is english!
    he’s in it for the money..only..
    if he’s vaguely concerned abt the club, i wouldn’t even oppose it. my feeling is that he is asked by RA is screw as up at best…really… that fat bas3d should go invest in butter or something..

  • The way things are going now, the Uzbek is not doing himself any favours. He is becoming a hate figure faster than T*ttenham’s falling down the EPL table. And he is taking Dein with him. I am yet to see a comment (not just here) that has the slightest support for R’n’W Holding. The Arsenal fans around the globe are united behind the board, there is more support coming from other football fans (knowing this could happen to their clubs too), and now the politicians are getting more and more involved. The omens are not good for the bullish oligarch and he might have picked the wrong club to mess with. Great nick”Would You Believe It?!” – Bould plays Adams through and the captain volleys sublimely with his left to clinch the title. Happy days.

  • I don’t see how the FA are ever going to support us in dismissing Usmanov, when they gave Man City’s owner a clean bill of health. What a sad state of affairs – we build and support these institutions with romantic notions of them ensuring fairness and protecting the spirit of the game, but they eventually become impotent. The FA are a toothless, useless bunch of administrators devoid of any philosophy. Which brings us nicely onto the subject of nurturing English players – something discouraged by the FA’s policies, and the FA’s misguided funding; and all of it conveniently ignored by those who take the lazy way out (a la Gromit) and wag their fingers at us.

  • rocky did you forget Walcott, who has now a cap 🙂 and i think Tottenham’s spout about english players was 2 years ago. apart from over priced bent, i see alot more foreign players coming through the door than english. Arsenal’s policy is to produce quality players no matter what nationality. we have Walcott, Hoyte, both GAvin and Justin, Ryan Smith, JAy Simpson, all very highly talented players who are thought to break into the first team. how spurs can even talk to us about quality and standing is a complete joke right now.

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