Date: 2nd May 2008 at 12:10pm
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1. Chelsea or United?

2. It`s now been two and a half months since the Birmingham match and I think I read about Gallas` sit in on an almost daily basis (largely due to reading arseblog), six days on since Rio Ferdinand kicked a female steward and the story seems to have died completely. Surely kicking a woman is worse than kicking an advertising hoarding?

3. In his post match rant, Ferguson expressed his fury that a penalty could be given in such a big game (no matter how blatant it was). Why did he not express this sentiment after William Gallas` handball at Old Trafford was, quite correctly, deemed a penalty?

4. Ferguson also explained that it could not have been handball by Carrick as he was facing his own touchline. What?????

5. On March 22nd, Ferguson said, “‘We are talking about introducing this into the grass-roots level, respect for the referee. It is absolutely correct. We tell them to shake the hand of the referee after the game, when it is finished. It is sometimes difficult but you have to do it.’ Yet on Saturday assistant Carlos Quieroz appeared to usurp the party line after United conceded a penalty for the first time this season, “We are not in the FA Cup final because of a bad decision when we should have had a penalty against Portsmouth. Against Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday, there should have been three penalties but only one was given. Something is wrong with football.’ In the words of Led Zeppelin, communication breakdown?

6. Given that Grant has surpassed Mourinho`s last league campaign and Champions` League campaign, will people accept that, despite not being as obnoxious/marketable as Jose, he is still a good manager?

7. Grant`s fiercest critics contend that his squad have got results in spite of him, yet blame him for the dire football Chelsea play. So do Chelsea`s players take their cue from Grant or not?

8. Will people accept that, having helped himself to thirty goals this season, Adebayor is probably not bad?

9. And do the people who dismiss that feat with “anyone could score thirty goals for Arsenal with that service” not remember the forward line of this time last year? (Baptista and Aliadiere).

10. What`s the deal with Edelman? Does Fiszman think he`s crap? Does Wenger think he`s crap? Has Kroenke made him redundant? Or is Dein lurking in the shadows?

11. Did Derby fans really think winding Adebayor up was a good idea?

12. Did Rafa Benitez really think winding up Didier Drogba was a good idea?

13. Where was Steven Gerrard on Wednesday night?

14. Don`t get me wrong, I fully admire Lampard`s courage and it is right it should be applauded. In no way do I believe Lampard or his family courted the attention, but why was similar fuss not made about Bacary Sagna and Dirk Kuyt, both of whom have endured personal tragedy this season?

15. This week clubs will reveal to their fans how to obtain quick visas for entry to Moscow. Now, this is a question I asked a few weeks back when Arsenal were still interested in the competition, but seriously, given that Russia was awarded the Final two years ago, why the **** didn`t UEFA sort this eons ago?

16. Cardiff City have known for thirty years or more that winning the F.A. Cup would not grant them access to European competition. But the F.A. characteristically caved to their whingeing. Now, Darren Purse receives a red card for a two footed lunge, which would result in a three match ban that precludes him from the Final. So who do Cardiff appeal to? The Welsh F.A of course, and guess what? They overturned it. So is the English F.A. admitting that the Welsh F.A can decide who plays in the English F.A. Cup Final, but the English F.A. can`t? (Is this footballs` answer to the West Lothian question?)

17. Alan Curbishley said last week that it would be an ‘injustice’ if the title were to escape United and that, if they won it, he would ‘raise a glass’ and toast Ferguson: blooding some youngsters on Saturday then Alan?

18. Robin van Persie will miss Sunday`s game as a precaution. A precaution for what?

19. Is it me or has Johan Djourou dyed his hair red? (Going for the Malcolm X look?)

20. Where will you celebrate our unlikely title win?LD.