Date: 22nd June 2008 at 8:17pm
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As part of a new series on the Vital Network we are interviewing Arsenal fans from all walks of life about life as a Gooner.

First up we have long time Vital Arsenal member and even longer time Gooner, Iceman10.

1) Have long have you been an Arsenal fan?

Since 1987……I’ll get to why on the next question!

2) What (or who) made you start supporting our glorious club?

My dad bless him is a spud, he took me to a few games at the matchbox but for some reason I could never really get into it? (Although Chris Waddles hair fascinated me?!) On one glorious afternoon we were watching the league cup final Liverpool vs Arsenal and my dad in the normal spud manner was in full scouse supporting mode. When Rush scored he remarked that Liverpool never lose when Rush Scores, from then on I wanted to see The Arsenal win, Charlie Nicholas scored twice and an Arsenal fan was born! I like seeing historic moments (Think Federer Wimbledon, 49 games unbeaten by Arsenal or the shortest ever season by Sp*rs!)

3) What was the first live game you attended?

1st live game was some spud games (they probably lost), 1st Gooner game was Either against Everton or Chelsea (I remember they were wearing blue!) Limpar scored the winner and I was standing at the front of the clock end!

4) What has been the greatest moment of your Arsenal supporting life?

In my opinion the 49 game unbeaten run was the best quality football the premiership has ever seen. Whatever a team tried to do to beat us we had an answer, the swashbuckling skills of Pires, the energy of Freddie, the guile of Bergkamp, the speed of Henry, the power of Vieira, the craziness of Jens…should I go on?

5) And the worst?

The FA cup final against Liverpool was the most unjust Arsenal defeat in my memory. We played so well and to have that amount of bad luck in 1 game was incredible…It really hurt but it was the birth of the invincibles…Defeat can sometimes breed victory…take note. The champions league final was more frustrating than devastating…the sending off killed the game and even if we had still lost I would have liked to have played Barca 11 vs 11.

6) Who, in your opinion, is the best player to pull on the famous red and white strip?

Dennis Bergkamp, He could do anything with a football. His touch and weight of pass was as good as anyone who has ever played the game…His goal against Newcastle was the greatest goal I’ve ever seen.

7) If you could go back in time and go to any Arsenal match in history, which would it be?

Sp*rs at the Lane in 1971 just so I could say I had attended both games in which we won the league at the sh*thole (Excuse my french!)

8) What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen or heard concerning Arsenal?

I went to Highbury grove school down the road from Highbury….1 snowy day we heard a rumour Arsenal were holding trials in the JVC centre so we all bunked off and went down there. On arrival we were given spades and asked to help clear the pitch! Arsenal were playing against Leeds and the pitch was covered in snow…we got to go to the game after so it wasn’t too bad!

9) What are your realistic hopes for the coming season?

I would just like to see us battle it out with a fully fit squad. For me, I don’t want to hear about inexperience or youth, its in our hands how good we can be and now I want us to show the mental power that defeat should have infused in us.

10) And finally, if you could invite 4 people connected to Arsenal, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would they be?

Dennis Bergkamp (bet even when he passes the salt it arrives perfectly weighted!), Rocky Rocastle, Patrick Vieira (Just so I can hear him bitch about horse face) and Arsene.