Date: 31st July 2007 at 10:34am
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Despite being the top dog in Arsenal’s attack this season Arsenal’s flying Dutchman says he isn’t interested in scoring 15 or 20 goals, just in playing for his team.

Van Persie is now Arsenal’s ‘big dog’ up front, something that you might expect for a players at talented as Van Persie, but consider that this fantastic player is just 23-years-old. Pretty impressive now isn’t it?

It’s all eyes on the young Dutchman and Eduardo Da Silva to bring the goals for Arsenal next season after Arsenal’s record goalscorer, who shall remian nameless, departed for Barcelona.

Robin could easily have been in the race to be The Premiership’s top striker, had his season not ended in January after scoring a vital goal against Manchester United. 11 goals in 17 Premiership games is impressive by anyone’s standard, but when that player is not an out-and-out striker, wasn’t first choice for all the games he played in and was played out on the wing in a fair few games, that becomes an awesome stat.

You’d think all that adds up to a fair bit of pressure on Van Persie to bring Arsenal the goals needed to secure silverware.

But no, not our Rob:’No, I don’t feel the pressure at all,’ he said.

‘It’s not my aim to be the top scorer. My aim is to play good football with this team. I think we showed that against Inter.

‘A lot of players are saying ‘oh, I have to be the top scorer’. But for me the first thing is to play football. Of course there are lots of responsibilities because you are playing in front of 60,000 people.

‘You play to win things, yes. But I play football because I like it. I will destroy that feeling if I say to myself I have to score at least 20 goals or 15 goals.

‘Things have to come out of nothing and this is what happened against Inter. I wasn’t expecting that goal. It just came out of nothing.’


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  • Robin speaks well but I don’t believe him, cos he loves scoring goals too much. But to set a goals target is problematic, he is wise for his years.

  • I think he is trying to ease some of the pressure/expectation, which is fair enough. Also, I think there is an effort to deflect focus away from individual performances in this Arsenal team, and you can clearly see that tone reflected in the statements made by all the players, and Wenger.

  • Well put Prits. May I just take this opportunity to say that Ajax v The Arsenal on Sat will be my first ever Arsenal game, as I’m an Australian who recently moved to Germany. A pre-season match it may be, but my excitement I can’t describe.

  • Good stuff JakeB. Enjoy the day, the memory will live with you forever!! Oh, and van Persie is god.

  • guys i hav been watching his goal against inet over and over again and i jus cant be able to understand how he skips past the defeder…..was it his left foot or right..or was it both….if neone of u has a slow mo of it i reall would like to see thanks

  • i really want to hear him say stuff like that now i’ve got him in my fantasy football team

  • I’m with the Rockster here, I’ve loved watchign this guy play ever since he joined, and rememebr hearing about us going for him a full 6 months before it materialised (on Arsenal News Review, surprisingly enough…), so was checking up on him since then, and he has always had the precocious talent to be a wolrd beater, since joining Arsenal he’s been learning to keep his head down, he’s had a good biot of time learning from his idol, the legend that is DB10, and i wholeheartedly agree with Arsene’s view that he is a hybrid of Dennis and Thierry, and that in itself is a thrilling prospect, and that’s before getting onto the bit about seeing it all unfolding in front of your eyes. He’s right to say these things about not it being about him scoring goals, it shifts the focus back on to the team, and away from one individual. All said and done, even though RvP speaks as he does, I am fully confident he will be banging the goals in this year, he does things you cannot legislate for as a defender, and has those moments where he is utterly unplayable. What a steal at £2.5m, and what a player we have on our books, one who has been spending the past couple of seasons quietly honing the undoubted talents at his disposal, which began to be seen regularly last season. »»Arsene Knows««

  • The appeal hearing is on August 2, which is this Thursday AlwaysGunner. Hopefully he should be given the permit as players far worse than him with less national appearances currently play in the Premiership. On the matter of Robin, I remember watching him on Channel Five’s Dutch football programme several years before we signed him and even then he looked quality. I hoped we would sign him after that and thankfully we did! I think he’s going to score bag loads of goals this season. Tell me about it Jake. I went to the Emirates Cup on Saturday and that was my first ever time at an Arsenal match. I will never forget that day and I hope you enjoy Saturday as much as I did last weekend.

  • he knows what he is capable of doing and he has brains as well to be diplomatic unlike Drogba of the Chelski fame.

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