Date: 21st June 2008 at 9:28am
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In a full interview given to the BBC`s Football Focus programme Wenger has given his views on the Euro tournament so far feeling that the international mobility of players has helped to create a more positive contest at a higher standard than previous competitions.

Asked about the impact that his players could have on the remaining contest Arsene said I had a big doubt about Van Persie before this tournament because to me he looked like he hadn`t played for a long time. For him in a full 90 minutes he could have been a handicap. But he is such a top class player and such an intelligent player that he is improving from game to game. he continued Van Persie can do anything he is a super player, top class. His first touch is absolutely unbelievable and his finishing is top class as well. He has power, he is quick, a short back lift and he can finish from anywhere.

Of Fabregas Wenger says that as a young player who was fit coming into the tournament he fully expected him to be one of the players to make an impact.

Asked whether he had his chequebook with him Arsene smiled in reply I brought my chequebook with me but I notice from looking at the prices in the paper that it isn`t big enough! he said I`ll use my chequebook to keep my players

The full interview can be seen here on the BBC website.