Date: 28th September 2007 at 10:19am
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If you told any normal person that you didn’t like them then they’d be upset, and then if you got your entire group of friends to tell that person to p*ss off, that they’d do a runner and not come back.

Well it appears that Alisher Usmanov is not any normal person, and even after one of the largest Internet protests ever staged regarding the dealings of a football club, he still carries on regardless.

News hits us this morning that Red & White Holdings has upped it’s stake to 23%.

Some media sources are suggesting that Usmanov is a little angry with the board, and in particular Peter Hill-Wood for describing his business dealings as ‘murky’.

Indeed, a close source said in the Mirror ‘Alisher is very angry at the rubbish and slurs that are being written and wants to explain the truth to Arsenal fans and the people in England.

‘He feels he has been treated with disdain by the board at Arsenal and denigrated by comments, especially given that he now has a significant shareholding.’

If Usmanov believes he is due some sort of respect simply because he has a disgustingly large wad of cash enabling him to hoover up all available shares, then he is very much mistaken.

Even though we have gripes about our current board over issues such as over-stewarding at matches, ticket prices etc etc, they have earned their respect (even more so over the past couple of weeks) through years of hard work, dedication and love for this club.

Usmanov will NEVER have any respect from 99% of Arsenal fans………no matter what he does.


Note to ANY football fans reading this page; Please sign the petition linked. This not only aims to address the issues of ownership of Arsenal Football Club, but football clubs across the nation. It is in everyone’s best interest that we stop the influx of people buying club with the sole interest of profit.

Thank you.