Date: 21st September 2007 at 4:00pm
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Up until now, I have refrained from writing anything about Usmanov and his supposed takeover, not through fear of retribution from him and his lawyers, oh no, through the simple fact that all this ‘city’ talk has me baffled. I can tell you how much change you’d get from a £20 note for a pint of Stella and a packet of pork scratchings, but that’s about it.

But after reading Usmanov’s latest comments about his plans for the club, I can safely say, from the bottom of my red and white heart…….

‘F*** of and leave us alone, we don’t want you here.’

Putting aside the allegations made against him regarding various crimes (Yeah, I do value the small amount of cash I have in my wallet) his visions for the club are nothing more than self serving.

Usmanov said recently, ‘I want a position (in Arsenal) that would allow me to have a blocking stake and then wait for its value to rise,’

‘They (the shares) have a 50 to 100% growth potential.’

Whilst the romanticist in me would want board members that will, first and foremost, serve the club, I’m not so naive as to believe our existing board don’t want to make a few quid from their Arsenal adventure. However they have plans, a vision of where they see the club going, they have an interest in football (well most of ’em do) they want to see Arsenal become the biggest and best footballing side in the entire world, and don’t just see them as a way to make a quick buck.

In Usmanov’s latest interview, not once did he mention the team, what he hoped for them to achieve or what avenues he wants the club to go down, he simply wants to make money, lots of it, and quickly.

This is unacceptable. He needs to be stopped, and I pray the board that has brought us so far, and so much, has the balls to stand up to this man and prevent him from becoming anything close to the owner of our club.

So if Mr Usmanov’s lawyers are reading this (which they probably are) you can tell him from me, that in Paul Mustchin’s opinion, and in the opinion of many thousands of Gooners, you would be bad for the club, and we don’t want you here, not now, not ever.


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  • Nice one Rocky, I take it vital has’nt had any threats through yet from this scumbags’ legal team? seems like they’ve contacted several gooner blogs and told them in no uncertain terms not to print anything regarding the criminals’ criminally criminal activities. Other web hosters have been ordered to take down posts regarding the fat criminal resulting in Blogs that have nothing to do with the criminal being taken down (ie Boris Johnson!) Haul your morbidly obese criminal carcass elsewhere please Usmanov.

  • And to Davis Dein shame on you man, is your lust for power so great you would hop into bed with any criminally fat controller? Get a grip and get some feckin ethics back Dave.

  • lol, G4L, don’t give out my name! He’ll sue me. (my above comment, was directed to Michael Joseph) No Usmanov, the friendly russian. :p

  • i’d hate for someone like that to take over at everton, but on the flip side he couldnt be anyworse than kenwright

  • Not contact yet Niko, but the Usmanov content on this site has been minimal, but it’s getting out of hand now, things need to be said and done!!!

  • Rocky, don’t get yourself sued mate! You have a family to feed, imagine when your wife finds out that you’re getting sued cuz of Arsenal, lol.

  • If Usmanov is purer than the driven snow, let him take Craig Murray’s challenge to sue him in a libel court.

  • who the feck knows! Rich people find lawsuits everywhere (see church of scientology).Apparently, if you say they are not a real religion, they’ll sue

  • I reckon you’re made for each other. He’s just the sort of person you deserve in the Chairman’s seat. As they say no smoke without fire. He’ll ratchet up prices, flog Fabregas for a tidy £25m, try to sue Wenger if he walks away … Hill Wood will be cursing himself that he didn’t take Kroenke’s money as there’s a man who knows how to run Sports teams. And what of that mercenary Dein? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – as a hard headed businessman, he will eventually get his way

  • Damn right Rocky! This is one book we should definitely judge by it’s cover – he has the repugnant look of a double-dealing, dirty, sweaty-palmed molester. An alleged criminal whose record was wiped clean they say, but they couldn’t wipe it off his face. Alleged rapist, alleged racketeer – fack right off and take Dein with you!

  • This is all pretty frightening stuff and I fear that if the fat ****wit gets enough shares the board or anyone else, for that matter, won’t be able to do a single thing about a hostile takeover. David Dein may have been great for the club in the past, but you are only as good as your last ‘action’ and his was to sell us down the river. Apart from a cool £75 mil, could spite play a part in this?

    ****ov Usmanov!!

  • Us- man – ov oh oh oh oh
    Us -man – ov oh oh oh oh
    He comes from Uz-bek-istan
    I know coz I ****ed his gran.

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