Date: 26th August 2007 at 12:04am
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As everybody who knows me, and most people who have met me, can vouch, I don’t really give a crap what people think of me, or whether or not I’m liked, and the same can be said for my football team.

Football is about families. About groups of like-minded people who come together for a love of something great (or not so great for all you Spurs fans), and as long as we are happy with our team, then all is well with the world.

So while I couldn’t give a monkey’s about other peoples views on the Arsenal, and I’m not about to beg for scraps of praise at the table of the footballing world, it would be nice if the people in the ‘Match Of The Day’ office could extend a little professional courtesy and give credit where credit is due.

As the opening credits of this evenings Match Of The Day rolled up and we were informed that Arsenal vs Man City would be the premier game on the show, I quietly informed my wife that messieurs Lineker, Lawrenson & Shearer would spend their entire analysis slating the Gooners.

They didn’t disappoint.

Ok, so it wasn’t the most polished of Arsenal performances, but we became not only the first to take points from city, or the first team to beat them, but also the first team to score past them this season. Yes, the much maligned Sven Goran Ericsson has the blue half of Manchester firing. So you’d think that a performance that saw over 62% possession, 15 shots on goal with over 80% pass completion that there would be plenty of positives to analyze this evening.

Don’t kid yourselves.

The entire analysis was spent discussing how ‘poor’ Arsenal were in the final 3rd. Alan Shearer made light work of ripping into Robin van Persie for choosing to shoot when a pass would have been the better option, then moments later accused Arsenal of over indulging in the passing aspect of the sport rather than having a dig.

Indeed. the conversation regarding Arsenal’s ‘weaknesses’ was so in-depth that they didn’t even bother showing, or even discussing, Cesc Fabregas’s sublime finish that awarded Arsenal the spoils.

Match Of The Day was once considered the Flag Stone of the BBC, it was a show loved by young and old alike, it was the daddy of football shows, it was the one to watch. But over the past few years, idiots such as Alan Hansen, Mark Lawrenson, Gary Lineker etc etc, have dragged my once favorite programme from the summit of British television, and has become something I no longer get excited about watching and is now a televisual feast of horrific proportions.

Rant over.

Ahhhhhh that’s better.