Date: 31st August 2006 at 9:11am
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As the hour of judgement fast approaches, I have a great sense of fear that the only signings we will make will be the loan of Baptista and the transfer of some Japanese kid who is supposed to be ace. Great.

All summer, no wait, for years we Gooners have been subjected to the most horrendous summers of torment as we wait for Mr Wenger to open to his padlocked mothball ridden wallet and bring us some players, and every year is the same.

Some of the rumours this year have been intriguing, some have been perplexing, some have been funny and some have just been extremely ridiculous (the Cisse-Henry swap tickled me), but some have given us hope.

I know that ‘Arsene Knows’ and he always comes up trumps in the end, but I think we are seriously lacking in depth this season and we need one or two world class players and we will certainly be challenging for the title once again.

Two world class players that have become available are Carlos Tevez & Javier Mascherano, and the grape vine says we are trying extremely hard to bag the Argentinian pair. I believe these two players would turn us into a monster!!

So imagine my suprise when I awoke this morning to read reports of WEST HAM, yes that’s WEST HAM, fending off Arsenal AND Man Utd to land this world class pairing. Of course it may not be true, but it’s not the sort of news you want to hear over your cornflakes.

The only transfer that actually has any substance is that of Japanese wonder kid, Sho Ito. Great News! This kid really will go plac……… wait, hold on, I don’t actually have a clue who he is (typical Wenger), however Arsene seems to rate him highly.

He said: ‘I like him, I want to sign him and we are applying for a working visa for him on the basis of exceptional talent. ‘Last season we had an exceptional talent visa for a Cameroon international, Alex Song, and this player looks another exciting prospect.’

The most shocking thing about that statement is that we actually got an ‘Exceptional talent visa’ for Alex Song.

So this summer we have been linked with Mascherano, Tevez, Ribery, Yaya Toure, Buffon, Gallas, Appiah, Davies, Hargreaves, Thuram, Saviloa and many many more, and who do we get??

An 18 year old Japanese unknown.

We fall for it every year don’t we!!


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  • I am feeling well and truly p*ssed off. we have been off the pace of where Arsenal could and should be for well over a year now. There’s not need for it because so many top players have come out and said they want to play for Arsenal, and then they end up having to sign for someone else for peanuts because AW does not want them.

  • Sky Sports are reporting that West Ham have already bagged the pair. I’m getting more and more fed up with this summer by the minute.

  • well i hope wenger knows wat he’s doing signing another kid. probably gonna get the beast, and i hope we get mascherano, but apparantly he’s off to west ham. tevez too. i can’t believe our luck. we still need a DM unless baps is gonna play there. if not we should get in fernando gago and nuri sahin. also heard a rumour that cle is off 2 the chavs and we’re gonna sign buffon 2day? we have to wait & see…

  • It’s just been confirmed that the pair will move to West Ham on a years loan. Truely astonishing stuff!!

  • I think Baptista would be a great addition, we need a solid midfielder who can be a launchpad for our attacks, he can also score goals and is aggressive in the box. Sounds like exactly what we need wouldn’t you say? I’m still not convinced the Cole-Gallas swap is dead, don’t be surprised if Chelski have been biding their time to make us sweat and disrupt our start to the season.

  • It is really frustrating that AW seems to do thinks completely out of the mood of the club fans. And year after year, the result shoes that it was wrong; because I don’t believe that being CL finalist and ending fourth in the premiership is a success.
    We lost so many key players. therefore, signing two or three players in some most vital departments cannot be seen as putting in danger the progress of the kids. The kids can only mature unless we keep performing, which we don’t at the moment with this current squad. I don’t really blame the lads, because those who are currently playing are fantastic. But we urgently need results; no room to experience too many kids at a time like AW is doing at the moment.
    Chelsea’s got far stronger this season, Manchester, Liverpool, Spurs, even the ordinary Portsmouth have all strenghtened their squad. I just don’t know how he believes we will even manage to end up fouth this season! Unless we sign in the next 12 hours a vital DM on top of Batista, which is to be proven.

  • vitdacnet. your way off the mark questioning Wenger. last season was his first since signing he finished outside the top two. that was while competing against the endless pockets of Man USA and Chelski while built the most modern staduim in the country. He’s operated on a shoestring while still bringing through gems like Fabregas Toure Eboue Senderos. Getting to the champions league final is not a success?!?!? What land do you live in? Chelsea spent over a 100 mil and didn’t make past the second round.
    Whatever frustration your feeling, don’t direct it towards Wenger.

  • d11gunner, this is not about money. We had players waiting to be signed a month ago. AW failed to do so. And it looks like since the defait to City, he is activating himself to make a desperate signing in the last minute of the transfer window.
    I guest you know something about football. If you do, I don’t need to tell you why AW is the only person I must direct my concern to with regard to his transfer policy. I don’t have any doubt with the man quality as a coach and financial output. But I’ve got problem with his stonburness in waiting the last minute to make useless signing, like the signing of Adebayor who was cup tied last season.
    He must sign at least three well established players, unless Arsenal will play in an ampty Emirate Stadium. That’s my concern. No matter how well Arsenal play under his coaching, only results will count and I don’t think he will get the results we desperately need in order to keep all these kids at the club. The squad is currently too much light weight; that’s one of many reasons why I am not so optimistic like you may be. I don’t want to go to Mancherter this season and come back in tears again.

  • apologies vitdacnet, I misread your point. I agree that when it comes to transfer windows Wenger frustrates greatly. But he’s gig is working under the radar. It’s what he does. There’s this japanese kid no one knew about (i know that doesn’t eliviate concerns) but apparently he flew to Germany last night and not even the tabloids can guess what thats about. And in agreement with you, Wenger has often harped about the “spine” of the team and that these players should be experienced and at the moment our it’s not. Let’s wait til twelve tonight and make this call. If your still pesimistic, I’ll eat them words!

  • How do you know we had players waiting to be signed? How do you know they were available at the right price? It bothers me when fans react in this way, ultimately, in spite of our ultimate fantasies, we have NO idea what goes on behind the scenes. We have NO idea what the club has to spend, we have NO idea which players are available at which prices. We are not in contact with agents or players, we do not having scouting networks set up all over the world. When we think of a transfer, we usually imagine a phone call and a medical, but the reality is that EVERYTHING has to be correct for a transfer to take place. I’m not into just buying players for the sake of it, and I’m glad Wenger isn’t. I would like another player before the deadline and I’m sure there will be one, but if there isn’t, I will try to be the twelfth man and support this team no matter what. I will keep travelling everywhere and I’ll keep my belief in this manager, we are lucky to have him.

  • someone who is an accountanto n this forum should look at arsenal pls interim accounts.after refiancing all their debt for 25 yeras,are we in a strong poition. or do we have problems

  • To be honest I am now at the point of not giving a ***** whether we are going to sign anyone before the day end. The anticipation, expectation etc is just a bit too much.

  • The anticipation is the excitement itself. After the climax, there are only usual jibes here and there.

  • LD is spot on.thats wot inspired me to join the forum.i do dig the whining sumtimes but not much because its more of fantasy than reality.if u compare wat chelsea hav spent since roman i think they hav underachieved.chelsea was already top 2/3 under ranieri and got into chmp lge semis!all the millions later mour has only moved them from 3/2 to one but still cant go beyond the semis.AW knows.

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