Date: 5th November 2006 at 5:39pm
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I’m not going to analyse the short comings of the team today, Mr Stillman is the geezer for that job and can probably form a more objective and informed opinion of the game than I.

But what I would like to talk about is the sour and, lets face it, childish way in which we reacted to the defeat.

Some may argue that Alan Pardew goaded Wenger directly after the scoring of the winner, by as far as I can see, the West Ham manager celebrated what was clearly a winning goal against the top footballing side in the league when his team had been nothing less than pathetic all season.

I can forgive Arsene his reaction to Pardew’s celebration, I’m a passionate man & my TV and remote took a hefty beating as the ball hit the back of the net, but what I can’t forgive is Wenger’s lack of handshake at the end of the game.

Sure, in the heat of the moment things get said and done, but Wenger is a professional and extending the common courtesy of a gentlemanly handshake at the end of a game is not too much to ask.

I may get slated for this article, but to be frank I don’t care, what we saw after the final whistle was nothing sort of embarassing.

While it’s good that it shows the team has passion for the game, I’d much prefer that it was shown ON the pitch rather than in situations that brings negative press we as a club could do without.

Please, let’s just show a little more professionalism and grace in defeat as we do in victory.

Rant over.


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  • It is Mourinho who has continually lowered the standard of behaviour amongst managers. It is disappointing to see a man of Arsene Wenger’s brilliance and stature reacting in this way. Whilst we are all human beings prone to being very emotional, there is absolutely no excuse for not shaking hands at the end of the game. In sports far more brutal than a game of football (rugby) there is always a handshake even if its with a bloke who has broken your nose.

  • Can’t say i’m sorry to see you boys lose, but it’s hardly the 1st time Wenger has reacted so petulantly!!! Petulance and down right sour grapes kinda ooze through your team at times, mainly from Henry and Wenger!! Just makes them look pathetic!!!

  • Dam I missed that last bit, I turned my Pcast of in anger when they scored and couldn’t reconnect. Did arsne just storm off? Anyway I’m trying to forget about this and the fact 3rd was possible today.
    Although even chelsea lost makes no less burden on the defeat today.

  • i was shocked by wenger’s reacytion – I’ve NEVER seen him flip like that. And it WAS bad.but pardew was also in the wrong for approaching him in the way he did – i attribute that to the relief from the pressure he has been under. so I can understand that. gutted about it all, should have been a penalty. BUT we cannot ignore the fact that we were playing a team who came out to play us – although in the first half there was a fair bit of kicking going on by some of the hammers players, they came out and brought the game to us, which we can have no complaint about
    they just defended very well, and once again that final ball wasnt quite right on a few occasions. we can have no complaints, i just want to say fair play to west ham.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • what i think made le boss react in such a way was that first of all, pardew went overboard with his celebration, which is understood because it was a big win for them, but then he came really close to le boss and maybe tried to shake his hand at that moment and was saying something at the same moment, or just wanted to get hold of le boss’s hand and say something to him, and you could see whatever pardew was saying wasnt pleasent, and le boss didn’t like the fact that he tried to touch his hand and say something at the same time, he just pushed him away, and when he did that, pardew also tried to push him away, so it is wrong to only blame arsene for this incident..

  • and then we had a clear cut penalty, and had that been given, it would changed the game totally with 25 mins to go, and we didn’t deserve to lose this game, but that’s how it has been in the last two seasons for us, all refreeing decisions keep going against us, van persie against chelsea last season when he scored but was wrongly given offside, and etoo in the champions league final was offside too..

  • every1 talks about championship winning teams not playing well and still winning, we didn’t play well today, but created just about enough to win the match, and had a clear penalty, and would have gone on to win the match, and everyone would then talk, oh they didnt play well but still got the result, but this is how it is, we just have to take it on the chin and look ahead to the next game..

  • in the last 2 years, this kind of petulant behaviour had actually reduced. we saw some foul arsenal behaviour, especially when viera used to be around. that was one thing that we were improving on, and it was disappointing to see wenger’s reaction. what happened in the end? why was cesc so angry, and who was he upset with? does anyone know?

  • i disagree… last season when we weren’t winning these sort of games the team would trudge off like saps… now at least we’re showing some f*cking fight led by cesc and arsene… COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • well arsenal were really upset by the goading from west ham. pardew did not really mean it though I dont think, and he has apologised so he is cool with me. wenger may regret not shaking the hand. but sheringham was goading Fab and Jens and he is just dispicable scum, as if we didn’t already know. when will he ever get his come uppence? He is 40 and I am still waiting. C***

  • I am glad these comments have come from an arsenal point of view, it was sad to see at the end after a hard london derby. I think most managers would have been ok with pardew’s reaction especially after the pressure he’s been under recently.

  • but hang on. Mourinho has trumped Wenger again being as
    magnanimous in defeat as usual. The man is a disgrace.

  • A good manager doesn’t get worked up about what just happened on the pitch. He’s thinking ‘What are we going to do about it?’

    Clearly, Wenger wasnt’ able to think that clearly. Wrong message to send to the players. Maybe the inability to finish off fine build up play, or even worrisome thoughts of the club’s crushing debt load, is what is causing him to snap so easily.

    At this rate, he will truly fulfill his own prophecy of never being able to match Fergie’s 20 years at the top. Hope he doesn’t take it out on his pet snails.

  • He’s just a bad loser!! Any manager is well within his rights to celebrate a teams goal! Wenger needs to grow up! Pardew has already publicly apologised IF he went OTT. Bet Wenger keeps quiet!!!

  • I expected better Baldy! Wenger isn’t used to losing like the fat Dutchman. It’s a novel experience! I hope Jol demonstrates some class on December 2nd!

  • that’s good greatwhitenorf. Well, Jol already sacrificed fourth place last season, surely that was enough?

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • To be honest that is the first time that i ahve ever ever seen arsne lose his cool like that !! but i darnt say it is anything to worry so deeply about really !!!

  • Luckys_10, so if you didn’t get a clear cut penalty for the foul on Hleb, how come you didn’t mention the clear cut claim for a penalty with a foul on Bowyer by Gallas ? 1-1 in failed penalty claims I think

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