Date: 16th May 2006 at 5:14pm
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As Arsenal prepare to battle Barcelona, Spurs are preparing to continue their battle against the phantom food tamperers.

Even though the ‘Health Protection Agency’ have tested all samples of food eaten, and the tests have come back negative, Tottenham vowed to fight on.

A statement made on behalf of Spurs, read,

‘This is one of many tests the Health Protection Agency and indeed Tottenham Hotspur are conducting and at this stage it’s far too early to draw any conclusions,’

The subject is getting old, and any fans (obviously not Gooners)who had the slightest sympathy for Spurs’ plight are rapidly losing their empathy.

Accept whats happened, because there is a lot of prepartion to be done before next season.

I mean, the excuses aren’t going to make themselves up are they?


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