Date: 29th September 2016 at 10:16pm
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As we come to the end of the annual summer financial focus with one season ending and another now well underway, here are the top 20 wage bills across European sides.

Finances continue to be a huge part of the game with common sense saying buy the best, and pay them the best, and you’ll be the best – and whilst that doesn’t always ring true with sides overperforming and so called ‘world class’ players seriously underperforming, more often than not – spending does tend to correlate your final position in the table.

Whilst most ‘wage’ related pieces try and non playing staff from the equasion, it’s quite interesting to see the full figures as in today’s modern and internet enabled age, it’s not just catering staff and match day stewards that come to mind – there’s the entire off pitch team working on branding, social media, club shops and so on – not least the educational elements associated with Academy set ups and the like.

Talksport have done the legwork on this, and with some Euro figures they explain the exchange rate used at the time was £1 = 2.25 Euros (and one of these days I’ll discover what my Euro symbol key is) – and these figures will be from the last published accounts for each side listed.