Date: 21st December 2008 at 7:04pm
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Every single player, coach, and fan in the Emirates Stadium made me proud today to be an Arsenal fan. First off, despite the result, Arsenal played fantastic. I can not find a single fault with any Arsenal player because they all played their heart out against all the odds that injuries and Coward Webb laid in their paths. After Adebayor was cheated off the field, Arsenal didn’t miss a beat defensively and in the midfield. The players took it upon themselves to protect the result they had already achieved and we even looked to score another one. If the boot was on the other foot, we all know that Liverpool would of given up in the attacking third and concentrated even more than usual on defense.

Another thing that made me happy to be an Arsenal fan today was watching how Liverpool played their football. Basically they are a technically gifted Bolton. Even though they have players of great quality, Sammy Lee chose to have his players belittle their talent by lumping the ball up the pitch every chance they got. Credit to them it worked once, but the rest of the time it was all for not. Liverpool fans shouldn’t take this as a swipe, but instead I just want to ask why is it that your manager chooses to depreciate the talent that he has finally built up by playing such primitive football? Also, Robbie Keane, good finish but that is all it was. Please do not kid yourself by thinking it was a great goal. Robin van Persie showed you how to score a fantastic goal. If you switched the two players, Keane would never of scored the goal Robin did, while van Persie would of easily put away the long ball over the top. Thirdly, the fans at the Emirates were wonderful in their support. From the cheers when Eboue came onto the pitch to the songs directed at Coward Webb, the supporters made the club proud today.

It was a superb game of football at hand today, but it is a shame that in modern day English football, you still have such poor quality in the referees. This has become one of the most overused phrases in football but how has Webb kept his job? This is another game that he has diabolically destroyed. From Ronaldo’s sending off in the Manchester Derby to today with Adebayor. I think even Liverpool fans will admit that both yellow cards were wrongly given. This red card ruined the game for both teams because it took the spark out of the match that had been exponentially brewing since the opening whistle. Now Adebayor is out for the even more important game at Villa on Boxing Day.

Even though we did not take our last chance to get back in the title race today, lift that head up Gooners. Your team did you proud today.