Date: 12th February 2007 at 8:48pm
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In the wake of yesterday’s home 2-1 win over the pie munchers, we are left with the fall out which is the discussion over time wasting.

After sifting through the papers at work this morning something became glaringly apparent; Small clubs are allowed to cheat when they play big teams.

We have all been party to the arguments between football fans with regards to ‘Beauty vs The Beast’ on the football pitch & while I’d prefer every team to attempt to play exciting and beautiful football, I can understand a team playing to it’s strengths and playing a physical style over the aesthetically pleasing version of the game. However the advocation of time wasting by various publications is infuriating to say the least.

It seems as though a football club of the smaller variety is allowed certain concessions within the game to level the playing field.

Forget the fact that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have worked long and hard to put the team in the fantastic position we now find ourselves in, most of the footballing world seems content to overlook these small yet annoying discrepancies in order to peg the more spectacular teams back a little.

Whether or not the decision to consistently let these clubs get away with time wasting and other such activities is a conscious one is open to discussion, but there is no denying that the gap between the top four and the rest of the league is large (everyone knows it) and (conspiracy alert) it would not surprise me one jot if the powers that be had sanctioned these decisions in order to bring the teams closer together and make their league more entertaining, and furthermore, more marketable.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that time wasting IS cheating and should be punished accordingly, a rule which was not observed yesterday until Jens Lehmann received a yellow card for his antics that were quite obviously a piss take rather than an attempt to gain an advantage.

The fact that six second half substitutions were made yesterday and only 3 minutes of injury time were played (the rule being an additional 30 seconds to be added per sub) suggests that Dowd was not following the laws of the game. Indeed having farcically booked Jens Lehmann for time wasting, he never actually repaid the clock.

As Mr Stillman correctly pointed out yesterday, football is an expensive hobby, and after forking out a small fortune for tickets, and indeed the scandalous amounts we are forced to pay for our Sky Sports subscriptions, we as fans should be entitled to get what we have paid for……football.

So before the red tops and their fellow morons jump on the ‘Same old Arsenal’ band wagon, they should seek to stop this cancer that taints our game, and cease penalising big clubs for being successful.

Rant over.


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  • What a load of *****!!! So it was time wasting when Kirkland did it, but not when Lehman did it. He was just joking around, and he’s known for his sense of humour of course!!!!! Seem to remember Arsenal time wasting for the last 30 minutes of an FA cup final against Southampton a couple of years back. But let me guess, that was a totally different situation???!!! Blleedin hell, you people don’t half contradict yourselves!

  • blade1989 – you are of homosexual sexual orientation. lehmann did it once and ‘wasted’ no more than 30 seconds in retrieving the ball. kirkland was doing it all the game, even in the first half. and anyway lehmann got what he deserved, a yellow for time wasting, so what are you complaining about? i would have to agree with you though – an fa cup final is different to a weekend premiership game. besides, i recall arsenal keeping possession of the ball well (on the pitch) well in the final stages, unlike wigan, who kept the ball out of play for as long as possible. although wigan played well, they got what they deserved for timewasting. btw, what team do you support blade?

  • What Lehmann did was to point out the obvious ***** taking of Kirkland that had been going on all match, and was penalised for one instance. And when Arsenal waste time it is in a legal way with ball retention, and not farting about with water bottles.

  • Blade1889, i would have thought you would be busy with your cheating scum of a club to comment on others. Elbows from your captain or defenders diving in the box pretending they were fouled (when spuds scored a perfectly good goal on saturday). As for the FA cup final you seem to remember so well, turn your memory back to the first 5 minutes of that game & see how honest Henry was when in actual fact southampton should have conceded a penalty & been down to 10 men, then the cup final would have been over in the first 5 minutes & the last 85 minutes would have been irrelevant!!

  • a voice of reason, definite case …..of the pot calling the kettle black as we say in the north.
    good article paul, controversery gets a response.

  • What’s the point in taking the ***** or displaying any sort of humour where referees are concerned. They have no humour nor do they tolerate it. Lehmann is a great keeper but he has a few brain cells missing with his antics. How many keepers have 5 yellow cards? His subsequent suspension may well put added pressure on the side in the matches to come. Grow up Jens.

    TH14 was well within his rights to ‘protest’ over Kirkland’s behaviour. Time wasting and cheating should be stamped out ASAP. The majority of refereeing is inept and until referees run games in a more professional manner we are just going to have to put up with it! Let’s hope we get a decent ref on Wednesday against the cloggers! Does anyone know who that may be?

  • Prawn sandwiches drizzled in french sauce v pie munchers with chips made predominantly English Potatoes but with some from various countries of denomination.

  • Kirkland?s antics yesterday were completely infuriating. Having said this, it’s not down to manager or opposition players to correct this, rather the man in charge in the middle
    Considering Dowd had one of the worse days of any ref at our place, wot more could we expect. Once he had allowed him to prolong his kicks, the hand cleaning made me laugh though, Kirkland had the go ahead to maintain this throughout the remainder of the game.
    You have to laugh at Jen’s actions. He made his point, which IMO is why he received a card, rather than the time taken up, it was a question of authority, with Dowd looking more the fool for it.
    I still can’t quiet figure out how we got 6 yellows though.

  • well, it started with flooding the midfield right after the invincibles year, then it was the bully boy beat us of the pitch, then defending with 10 men at the beginning of this season, now its the time wasting – even Man U tired this, lehman again hilarious in his response to this once we had gone 2-1 up…it really seems like it is them V us in the prem

  • Lehmann gets carded for humerously exaggerating Kirklands blatant time wasting….Henry takes heat for making a humerous comment to Kirkland following an o/g (something about offering Kirkland to take the ball so he could waste more time). Talk about blowing things out of proportion! Kirkland and Henry were having a laugh about it on the pitch post match so why can’t everyone else? Time wasting hurts the fans the most…those that pay for their seats, and those that pay per view.

  • It’s one thing to slow the game down on the pitch (although mucking around near the corner flag is frustrating), but wasting time at free-kicks, substitutions etc should be curtailed by refs. Sometimes it can be like watching basketball or american football what with time-outs etc.

  • Emkay it sounds to me like your an arsenal fan so before you go bagging Jens take a deep breath and have a laugh. Stop taking life so seriously the stress will kill you. Lehmann actually did himself and the team a favour, the next two games are both cup games which he doesnt and wouldnt have played in regardless of the card. Im not saying he thought about this before taking the ***** but he actually relieved himself of 4 yellow cards and a very realistic chance of him getting another and being suspended when he would’ve actually played, it was f***in funny and i cant see how you can say henrys aggresive taunt was okay (also hilarious) and Lehmanns light hearted ***** take wasnt, thats tottenscum logic!

  • blade1889, the Cup Final you refer to saw Arsenal retain the ball, uninterrupted, for six and a half minutes. The ball only left play once for a foul by Marsden. That is skill, something your horrible club would know absolutely nothing about.

  • Its gone on in football ever since the first pigs bladder was placed on mud to kick around, if you look at Liverpool in the 70’s they spent more time kicking the ball back to the keeper to kill games than any other club, erg the rules changed to stop clubs ripping fans off with 70 minutes of negative possession.

  • Gianluca Vialli, a man who knows a thing or two about football, thinks the game should be cut to 2 halves of 30 minutes each. However, the clock stops every time the ball goes out of play. The net result would be 60 minutes of football versus the 55 minutes we see today. Until we fans let the players and managers know how much we despise time wasting it will certainly continue. I thought Henry was great with Kirkland and I hope he was sufficiently embarrassed to stop it in the future!

  • The refereeing was joke, Kirkland should have clearly been booked. I love Jens, and he did this in the ManU game as well, to prove his point. I think, overall, there is no need for drastic measures, as long the refs penalise blatant time-wasting by booking players, this will reduce.

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