Date: 22nd August 2011 at 9:56am
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The weekend`s game against Liverpool was a marked improvement on our performance over our first PL game against Newcastle, yet the result was much worse.

Speaking after the game Arsene quite rightly praised the team`s performance and said we were unlucky to lose. Indeed, considering our injuries, lack of an offside flag and complete fluke of a first goal, it`s enough to leave Gooners feeling that if it wasn`t for bad luck we`d have no luck at all.

However the worrying thing is, is that our team put a lot of effort into this match and came out 2-0 losers. We all know that to contend for trophies you have to be able to grind out wins when you`re playing badly, but looking at this thread bare squad, I can`t see that happening, if they play badly this week we will find ourselves out of the Champions League before it even begins and we`ll get whooped at Old Trafford on Sunday.

It`s time to take some risks in the transfer market Arsene.

Time and time again we`ve heard about the boss talking about how he would spend massive amounts of money on the right player, someone who is value for money. But one has to wonder what Wenger considers value for money.

Arguably one of the best players on the pitch on Saturday was Liverpool`s Jose Enrique. A £6Million signing from Newcastle. If he doesn`t signify value for money then I`m not sure we`ll ever sign a player again. Opening the wallet to sign JE, would have replaced an important first team player in Gael Clichy, and still left us with £1Million profit ?.. value for money? I think so.

Chelsea have also had a £23Million bid for supposed Arsenal target, Juan Mata accepted. Why haven`t we managed to find that magical number? Now in all probability Mata would take the massive wages of Chelsea over what we could offer, but if we`re not trying how will we know?

I understand Wenger`s philosophy of spending big money on the likes of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. It`s hard to compete for world class signings with the massively inflated markets caused by Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City (and using the Torres money, Liverpool), he needs to try and identify young players and turn them into stars over time in order to own top players without entering into battles he probably won`t win.

But we`re in a position now where we have to take risks, we have to sign players, we have to pay over the top. We`re on such shaky ground right now that almost any player would help boost the squad. We can`t rely on fringe players and teenagers to fill the gaping holes in the squad.

The media and rival fans have been predicting for years that we will finish outside the top four, and if Wenger doesn`t spring into action this week, then I`m pretty certain that for once, they will be right ?.. costing us millions and millions of pounds in the process.

Ironic huh?